Khloe Kardashian divorce: ‘I need to move forward’ from Lamar Odom

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Though the Khloe Kardashian divorce from Lamar Odom is on hold temporarily, Khloe has once again explained her intention to follow through with the action once her embattled husband is in a healthier place. Khloe, who remains in charge of Odom’s recovery, attempted to clarify the nature of the relationship for fans…and for herself.

Khloe’s struggles over the past six weeks–both with Lamar Odom himself and with getting fans to understand the nature of the Khloe Kardashian divorce–have been well-documented. She had a California judge throw out her pending divorce from Odom so that she could take control of his medical decisions and protect him from what Khloe referred to as the “vultures” waiting to pounce.

While many fans took the action to mean that Khloe and Lamar were getting back together, Khloe has long insisted that this isn’t the case. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Khloe, high on medication following a staph infection she caught from Lamar, ranted against her husband on Twitter, calling him ” the man who went against all our vows” and reminding viewers “he wasn’t picking roses” before telling detractors to “get off my d*ck.” And, in a move that’s been interpreted as the next stage of the Khloe Kardashian divorce, she’s since attempted to set firm post-hospital boundaries, reportedly telling Lamar that he can under no circumstances stay at her house to recover.

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The 31-year-old’s latest attempt at clarifying her relationship with her husband came in the form of a scene on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which eagle-eyed fans noted was not edited out of the episode in the wake of Lamar’s medical emergency, as had been widely expected. In the scene, Khloe and stepmom Kris Jenner are discussing the Khloe Kardashian divorce, and, while both women appear heartbroken over the matter, they agree that there’s nothing left to be done.

“I think,” says Kris, “[that] of all the relationships that I’ve had the privilege of being around, the one that I thought would be forever tried and true was Khloé and Lamar. And it breaks my heart to see all of this go on. She’s so focused on moving forward and leaving the past behind….”

At that point, Khloe chimes in: “I still very much love Lamar,” she explains, “but I need to move forward. I don’t feel you ever really have peace from walking away from any situation that you wish ended up differently….Do I know for a fact that I’ve done every single thing that I could to try to save that marriage? A hundred percent.”

Fans further pointed out that, while Odom is ailing, the dynamic of his relationship with Khloe has not changed.

Khloe appears to be trying to get her life back into some sort of a routine. Of late, the reality TV star has taken to filling her Instagram feed with gym updates, only some of which are product placement-based:

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Back to my happy place @gunnarfitness

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Reps from Lamar’s camp have yet to comment on the divorce, and Khloe hasn’t said when she expects to file for the second time.  

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