Khloe Kardashian, trying to make amends, lets Lamar Odom move in with her

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If the latest Khloe Kardashian news is any indication, the 31-year-old reality TV star is trying to make up for weeks of rumors and speculation about the possibility that she mistreated Lamar Odom while he was in the hospital. Lamar’s been discharged, and is taking up a strict new rehabilitation regimen at a center near Khloe’s Calabasan castle–and, now, Khloe says that Lamar can stay with her if he likes.

It was only last month, when the latest Lamar Odom health updates suggested that Odom would be leaving the Cedars Sinai Medical Center very soon, that the Khloe Kardashian news stated flatly that she wouldn’t be welcoming him back into her house. Lamar’s camp had reportedly asked for the temporary relief, as they were having trouble finding housing for Odom near the best Los Angeles-area physical therapy centers–all of which are apparently located in close proximity to Calabasas.

Since then, relations between Khloe and Lamar’s camp seemed to deteriorate more each day. Khloe went on record saying that she “needed to move forward” from Lamar; when Lamar suffered a minor setback and was forced to spend Christmas in the hospital, Khloe was reportedly nowhere to be found, though, according to Lamar’s reps, she was leading people to believe that she visited him regularly. And, in perhaps the biggest Khloe Kardashian news story to come out of the rift, insiders close to Lamar further alleged that Khloe was administering payment of his medical bills with Lamar’s money, while leading onlookers to believe that she was using her own money to help with the payments.

Lamar Odom at the Launch of his new fragrance "Unbreakable" at The Redbury Hotel Hollywood, California - 04.04.11 Featuring: Lamar Odom Where: California, United States When: 04 Apr 2011 Credit: WENN

Now that Odom is out of the hospital and preparing to begin rehabilitation, though, the latest Khloe Kardashian news sees the Kocktails With Khloe host changing her tune somewhat. According to a series of new reports, Khloe has invited Lamar to move in with her–or insisted upon it, depending on your perspective. And at least one insider says that the real reason is that Rob Kardashian needs help, too.

“[One] reason Khloe decided to bring Lamar home was Rob,” that insider revealed. “They need each other! Khloe knows that with the two of them under the same roof, they will both heal and use each other’s energy and strength to get their lives on track.”

The source continued, with great enthusiasm: “Rob’s already making huge progress and is pitching in to help Lamar walk and helping him eat. They’ve been watching NBA games together and really bonding. Khloe [has] literally turn[ed] her home into a sanctuary and healing center for Lamar and Rob. It’s temporary. But it’s the best decision she could have made.”

The insider’s quote helps make sense of another part of the latest Khloe Kardashian news: namely, her most recent tweet, which most outlets have taken to calling “cryptic”:

It’s not known whether Khloe meant to refer to estranged husband Lamar Odom, troubled brother Rob Kardashian–or, possibly, to both of them.   (Photo credits: Khloe Kardashian news via Instagram,

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