Lamar Odom update: Hospital release could be coming soon as miracle recovery continues

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Though controversy continues to swirl in Lamar Odom and Kim Kardashian’s private life, the latest Lamar Odom update is full of nothing but good news for the convalescent former NBA star. Just three weeks after a drug overdose and devastating seizures brought him to the brink of death, Lamar Odom has been taken off of dialysis–and, reportedly, will get to leave the hospital soon.

According to the current Lamar Odom update, the 35-year-old’s turnaround continues to be “remarkable,” and, despite the damage done, Odom will not need a kidney transplant, as had been feared. “His kidneys are able to function without dialysis,” a reliable source reported to People. “There is some permanent damage, but the function is good enough and there is no more need for a transplant.”

That source went on to confirm how unlikely it was that Odom could recover to such an extent: “Lamar is very, very lucky,” said the report. “Not many people get a second chance. It’s remarkable that his kidneys are now able to function without dialysis.”

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In fact, if this Lamar Odom update is true, the former Los Angeles Laker and Khloe and Lamar reality TV star could be headed home from the hospital in less than a fortnight. The Mirror has it on good authority that Odom could be checked out of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “in the next ten days” if his health continues to improve.

The Mirror‘s source did say that it’s still too early to know what the next course of action would be for Odom. “It’s uncertain if he will go to a facility to continue physical rehab,” according to that source, “or do it as an outpatient.”

A different insider added that, despite the abundance of good news in this Lamar Odom update, there is still some tension between Lamar and Khloe over the matter of post-hospital rehab: “Khloé told Lamar that after he was released from the hospital, he would need to go to rehab for substance abuse addiction.”

According to that source, “Lamar balked and said no way….[He] is still insisting he doesn’t have a drug problem. He is still in denial. [And] Khloé has made it clear [that] Lamar won’t be staying with her. He has a loft in downtown Los Angeles, and there are other options that can be explored.”


(Photo credits: Lamar Odom update via Judy Eddy/, Instagram)

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