Khloe Kardashian reportedly possibly pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s baby; Lamar Odom allegedly supposedly hurt

Tristan Thompson holds hands with Khloe Kardashian after shopping at Bal Harbor Shops in Bal Harbor

It’s only been a few days since reports that Tristan Thompson upped his girlfriend’s security detail when she comes to Cleveland for Cavs games, and now there might be a second reason why: reports of Khloe Kardashian pregnant with Thompson’s baby have spread like wildfire, and marriage gossip is, of course, part of the discussion. When last we heard from the couple, just over a month ago, things between them were “heating up,” and Kris Jenner had offered them her blessing. Lamar Odom, meanwhile, was said to be “spiraling out of control,” in part because Khloe, 32, had “moved on” with Tristan, 25.

Fast-forward to today, however, and it’s a whole new set of rumors at work. Per an Inquisitr report, there’s ample reason to believe that Khloe is now pregnant with Tristan’s baby. The two have been dating since the summer, and, according to their source, “When Khloe falls in love, she falls hard and fast—and Tristan is no different.” But what does that mean, exactly? Per the same source, Khloe is talking marriage and kids, and he’s not scared by it because they are well into the lovey-dovey phase. Everything is going really well! They’re addicted to each other.

“[Khloe] wants to get pregnant naturally, and for sure a part of her would love it to be Tristan’s baby,” the source went on. “She’s so into him and he’s so gorgeous, she’s already commented on how beautiful their kids would be.”

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At the same time, a Hollywood Life report alleges that Lamar is “pissed” Khloe keeps dipping into the NBA for her romantic campaigns. Though numerous recent reports detailed Lamar’s ongoing and successful recovery from last year’s drug overdose and seizure, it seems one of the few things capable of getting him down is the psychic warfare he feels Khloe’s engaging in. “He feels like she’s hooking up with dudes in the league to f*ck with him and his mental state,” that report’s source claimed. (Khloe also dated the Houston Rockets’ James Harden earlier this year.) “When he saw pics of them together he was hurt….[Lamar] still very much loves Khloe. He would be back with her in a heartbeat if she’d chill out and stop trying to control every aspect of his life.”

(Photo credits: Khloe Kardashian pregnant via FayesVision /, Splashnews)

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