Lamar Odom reportedly dying; Khloe Kardashian said to be preparing for the end

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A string of reports and wild rumors about the current status of former NBA All-Star and reality TV personality Lamar Odom have fans wondering if something terrible has happened. While Odom has had a rough year since suffering a drug overdose and seizure at a Nevada brothel late last year, his health was generally believed to be improving, though recent stories about possible drug use were a cause for concern. For now, we’re left to question the credulity of a new report that asks the unthinkable: Did Lamar Odom die?

The fact that the report comes from In Touch, though, should actually be something of a relief for fans of the 36-year-old. The string of recent allegations involving Kourtney Kardashian’s pregancy–which appear to be inaccurate, and which resulted in a scathing rebuke from Gossip Cop–originated with the publication. (Sister magazine Life & Style were also the source for the story that Khloe is currently pregnant with Lamar’s baby, following a string of trysts in June.)

Nonetheless, the report states that Odom, after suffering a relapse, now has approximately three months to live. His “kidneys never fully recovered from [last year’s] overdose,” says their source, and Lamar’s recent behavior have put his heath in jeopardy. And, when it came to Lamar’s estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, the report’s insider was blunt. “Khloé let it slip that her family has prepared a statement to be released if Lamar dies.” The insider went on: “She thinks it’s only a matter of time until he has a fatal overdose, and she told [his ex-wife and baby mama] Liza Morales she needs to prepare herself for that, too….It’s like he has a death wish.”

At the same time, though, a new Inquisitr dispatch offers fans hope. Their take suggests that Lamar is determined to recover, and has enlisted Dr. Conrad Murray–best known for his controversial relationship with Michael Jackson–to help him do just that. “[Lamar’s] done some hardcore damage to his [inner] organs,” reported their source. “He’s got a serious addiction and it’s one he doesn’t know how to handle. He really wants to live and has been consulting with Dr. Conrad Murray on how to take care of himself.”

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