Lamar Odom update: He orders Khloe Kardashian to ‘Get out’ following hospital drama

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It’s not looking good for Khloe Kardashian and ailing husband Lamar Odom. The latest Lamar Odom update brings startling news of a bedside fight in Lamar Odom’s hospital room, allegedly over the extent to which Khloe is controlling Lamar’s life during his recovery–and the degree to which he’s comfortable with that.

Khloe Kardashian has been by Lamar Odom’s bedside almost constantly since he overdosed and suffered multiple seizures last month. Though there’s been some drama within the Odom-Kardashian camp about Khloe’s relationship with current NBA star James Harden, Khloe went so far as to call off the pending divorce between she and Lamar, in order to see that he received proper medical attention and wasn’t the victim of what Khloe called “vultures” surrounding him.

According to the latest Lamar Odom update, though, things might have come to a head between the two. A source close to both Lamar and Khloe claims that Lamar recently ordered Khloe to “get out” of his room, and went on to say tell her that “he needed space and wanted to be alone.” Although the timing of the spat in question isn’t immediately clear, the date Us puts on it means the fight came shortly before Khloe left Lamar’s side to attend James Harden’s NBA season-opener in Houston.

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That account jives with a second report, this one by Hollywood Life, which corroborates the Us details and claims that the drama was exacerbated by rising tension between Khloe and Lamar’s family members. According to that report, there may have been resentment among Odom’s family members over the fact that it was Khloe who paid for them to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when Lamar switched hospitals.

Allegedly, Lamar grew impatient with his family’s continued disrespecting of Khloe, and ordered them all to leave his room–but that both family members and Khloe were shocked when Lamar’s order extended to his wife, as well.

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In happier news, though, is the report that Lamar reportedly credits Khloe with helping him find the will to life, despite his recent misfortunes. “From the top and bottom of his heart, he appreciates that woman,” says a mutual friend with knowledge of the situation. That friend went on to say that Lamar is determined not “to be a burden to [Khloe]”; rather, he wants to show her “how much fight he has inside of him.”


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