Lamar Odom ‘unlikely’ to be charged with drug crimes due to his health problems

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Launch their new fragrance "Unbreakable" at The Redbury Hotel Hollywood, California - 04.04.11 Featuring: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Where: California, United States When: 04 Apr 2011 Credit: WENN

New reports reveal that the ongoing Lamar Odom drug problem is likely to get better from at least a legal standpoint. Because of his continued health problems, and the complications Odom is suffering as a result of last month’s drug overdose and seizure, legal authorities close to the investigation say that Odom will likely not be charged with any of the crimes for which he could be prosecuted.

Odom, who was found with cocaine on his person following his October medical emergency at Nevada’s Bunny Ranch brothel, is “unlikely” to face any charges stemming from that incident. The Nye County NV District Attorney suggested as much when asked about strong statements regarding prosecution that the county sheriff recently made.

Just two weeks ago, a report regarding “multiple felony counts” emerged; Odom was said to be targeted on a bevy of charges. Since then, though, questions about his health have muddled the Nye County authorities’ investigation. Though Odom’s overall recovery has been called a “miracle,” real worries about the stability of his long-term health–including whether he will ever be both healthy and mentally competent enough to stand trial–are said to be the primary reasons why Odom will likely not be charged.

The Lamar Odom drug problem has continued well into November. It was recently reported that he had tried to sneak his drug dealer into his Los Angeles hospital room, though Odom claims he was simply looking for a visit from a non-Kardashian friend.


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