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LINKS More R. Kelly felony charges, Cardi B goes nude, Drake acts the fool…

DLISTEDThere are now eleven more R. Kelly felony charges in the still-expanding sexual assault cases against him, and the new ones are apparently the most serious yet. According to several reports, at least four of the eleven new charges carry a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison — so potentially up to 120 years without even considering the other seven

THE BLEMISHCardi B finally dropped her new single. It’s called “Press.” And apparently she was worried people wouldn’t pay attention to it? because the album cover features Cardi standing 100% naked before a throng of photographers

THE BLASTDrake is the merriest jester in all the land now that his beloved Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Finals, but the next time you see him clowning on the sideline, remember that the black band on his left arm is covering up the tattoos he has of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s jersey numbers

CELEBITCHYBig Little Lies‘ Shailene Woodley does indeed give “bonkers interviews” (here, “bonkers” pretty much just means “unusual for a big celebrity”); in her latest, she says she loves sex but doesn’t trust anyone; talks about how her father’s poverty affected her own childhood; and worries about people thinking she’s just another celebrity pseudo-hippie

VOXThis is the best question I’ve seen anyone ask of a CGI-heavy summer blockbuster in a long time: “Godzilla: King of the Monsters has lots of fighting monsters. Why did it bother with humans?”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPJersey Shore star Snooki just gave birth to her third child with husband Jionni LaValle, congrats! Their new son’s name is Angelo James LaValle, he weighed seven pounds eight ounces at birth, and he and his mother are doing fine. And there is a gosh darn adorable baby pic, too

LAINEY GOSSIPEvidently Robert Pattinson is not 100% locked in as the next Batman; he still has to do a screen test against Nicholas Hoult. It seems the producers of the next Batman movie decided to reconsider Pattinson after they saw the reaction to news he’d gotten the gig. Keep your glitter Batman jokes under a hot lamp until further notice

REALITY TEARHOP star Candiace Dillard is calling Gizelle Bryant out for not being “the best friend to Karen [Huger],” but isn’t it kind of Gizelle’s thing to not act like anyone’s best friend?

GO FUG YOURSELFThe stars of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are making the rounds at Emmy consideration parties to try and send the show out with a bang come awards season. Jane Krakowski in particular looks stunning and mod and not at all like her character (which will maybe help the show’s chances?)

JEZEBELIt seems LaCroix’s sales are falling faster than if they’d hired R. Kelly to endorse them and the brand may not be long for this world. Pour one out

LINKS! Robert Mueller’s resignation, RHONY reunion pics, Alex Trebek cancer update…

CELEBITCHYAt first, the big story of Robert Mueller’s resignation yesterday was the fact that Mueller was making a public statement at all — but then he offered one big dot-connecting clarification to the Mueller report, saying that if his team had concluded Donald Trump committed no crimes while campaigning for president, “we would have said so”

VOXPredictably, Trump took to Twitter following Mueller’s announcement; also predictably, he accidentally acknowledged — for the first time — that Russia helped him win the presidency

REALITY TEAThe Real Housewives of New York recently filmed its Season 11 reunion with Andy Cohen, and the entire cast + Andy have already shared a ton of pics from the taping

THE BLEMISHTwo months after announcing he’d been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebec has offered an update on his condition, revealing he’s “near remission” and thanking the show’s fans for helping him stay positive

JEZEBELGeorgia has both a booming film industry and, as of a few weeks ago, one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. Because of the latter, Disney announced it’s probably going to stop participating in the former unless the law — which passed the state legislature and was signed by the governor — somehow doesn’t take effect

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTeen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer is Releasing a Book: Get All the Details on Her Memoir Hope, Grace & Faith

GO FUG YOURSELFI really hope Miley Cyrus knows something the rest of us don’t and that we really are in store for a good, long Summer of Love

LAINEY GOSSIPJukebox movies are a pandemic, coming to irritate us all

THE BLAST“Kyle Richards and Her ‘RHOBH’ Co-Stars to Be Dragged Into Her Husband’s $32 Million Legal Battle”

DLISTEDIt should surprise no one that Tom Petty’s wife is fighting with his daughter over Petty’s legacy. And by “legacy” we of course mean “estate.” Are there messy leaked text messages out there for all the world to see? Reader, you know there are

LINKS! Kit Harington in rehab, Iggy Azalea nudes leak, Ellen’s sexual assault…

THE BLASTThough news of Game of Thrones star Kit Harington in rehab has only just now broken, Harington actually checked himself into a $120,000-per-month Connecticut facility weeks ago. Citing exhaustion and increasing alcohol use as the reasons, Harington’s reps said he’s been under absurd pressure from starring in the most popular show in the world ever since GoT literally brought Jon Snow back from the dead

THE BLEMISHSome topless outtakes from Iggy Azalea’s photoshoot for GQ Australia a few years ago have leaked online. Though the leaks had nothing to do with social media (until spreading that way), Iggy deleted her IG and Twitter accounts so she could have a “happy place…until it all blows over”

JEZEBELEllen Degeneres used her upcoming appearance on an episode of Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman to revisit something she’s only talked about publicly once before: being sexually assaulted multiple times by her mother’s third husband when Degeneres was a teen

CELEBITCHYNow that Moby has apologized to Natalie Portman for being a creep to her when she was eighteen years old and then bragging about it in his new memoir, can we please go back to that sweet, simple time when we all ignored Moby?

VOX“Summer movies: what to watch for, from arthouse to zombies: Your guide to the summer’s most anticipated comedies, dramas, documentaries, and blockbusters”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPDuggar clan family members Jessa and Ben Seewald have given birth to their third child, a daughter they’ve given the weirdly supervillainous name Ivy Jane

REALITY TEARHONY star Bethenny Frankel has a new man named Paul Bernon on her arm and the rest of the cast has some thoughts on him (specifically, on whether Bethenny was with Paul before her late husband Dennis Shields passed)

LAINEY GOSSIPZoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman got married on the DL at some point earlier this year, contributing to the ongoing “celebrity low-key wedding trend” that now includes couples as big as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, and of course Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

GO FUG YOURSELFSpeaking of Sophie Turner, here’s the forever Queen in the North in a slew of different looks for the Dark Phoenix publicity tour. I want a pair of her olive semi-cargo pants almost as badly as I want to question her about the strange & mesmerizing “Project Runway-esque cocktail gown” she wore in South Korea

DLISTEDKate Mara and her husband Jamie Bell just welcomed their first child together, congrats!

LINKS! OJ and Kris Jenner, Dorit Kemsley’s financial woes, Cynthia Nixon gets sexy…

DLISTEDOJ Simpson’s former manager Norman Pardo is shopping a documentary in which he claims OJ and Kris Jenner cheated on their spouses by having sex in a hot tub in 1990. Oh, and that OJ further claimed the sex was so violent that Kris had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night

THE BLASTIn other family news, Kim and Kanye recently celebrated their anniversary by taking in a Celine Dion concert. This has to be the exact opposite of the OJ and Kris Jenner story

REALITY TEARHOBH star Dorit Kemsley’s financial woes might finally all get out in the open: her husband PK “has been ordered to appear in court for an examination of his finances.” And Dorit’s stake in her swimwear line may be in jeopardy in a separate lawsuit

CELEBITCHYCynthia Nixon has some honest and refreshing thoughts on how Sex and the City wouldn’t get made the same way if it were coming out in 2019 — but of course SATC changed a lot about TV shows in the first place, and the landscape wouldn’t look at all the same if it hadn’t come out when it did

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Insiders Say Mama June Shannon Has Allegedly Tried (and Failed) at Drug Rehab At Least Once Before”

JEZEBELUnspouse My House is a new show about the catharsis that comes when you get rid of all the shit your ex left behind after you broke up, and is like “if Revenge Body was interesting”

VOX“What happens when a gothic lit expert moves into a haunted house”

GO FUG YOURSELFRihanna showed up at the opening of her LVMH-sponsored Paris pop-up “as if she’s not just there to work, but actually about to conduct some serious makeup science on your face”

LAINEY GOSSIPThe other day I learned that there’s a new Terminator movie coming out this year, and I don’t know which is more surprising: that that is true, or that it’s the sixth one in the series?

THE BLEMISHCoke is bringing back dismal 80s failure New Coke in a hilarious attempt at a nostalgia-driven cash grab, because New Coke made so much money the first time around?

LINKS! Dorinda Medley and Countess Luann, Wendy Williams steps out, Curvy Wife Guy…

REALITY TEARHONY co-stars and occasional enemies Dorinda Medley and Countess Luann have been “treading lightly” this season, so Dorinda’s public comments in the wake of Luann’s arrest and legal issues are more of the same

THE BLEMISHWendy Williams stepped out and looked very much the mama hen alongside her son Kevin Hunter Jr. following Kevin’s arrest for allegedly punching his dad in a fight over the older Kevin’s (also alleged) poor treatment of Wendy

VOX“2 days with Curvy Wife Guy, the most controversial man in body positivity: He’s just released a music video called ‘Chubby Sexy.’ Will it silence his internet haters?”

LAINEY GOSSIPI thought Booksmart‘s trailer was hilarious and portended great things to come, so it’s good to see the movie racking up a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes ahead of this weekend’s release

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Mama June’s Family Confronts Her in Emotional Drug Intervention: Watch a Sneak Peek of Friday’s Dramatic Episode”

JEZEBELHarvey Weinstein is apparently going to pay $44 million to end somewhere in the neighborhood of one dozen lawsuits currently accusing him of “sexual misconduct and assault.” The rape charges against him are going to trial next month

THE BLASTMoby is indeed terrible, so this whole thing where he maybe kind of dated Natalie Portman for a minute but definitely was a potent combination of creep and douche to her is a good thing where public shaming is concerned. I don’t take any blogger’s glee from it, though, because it means breaking a 15+ year streak of not paying attention to Moby

DLISTEDNot gonna improve this headline: “Charlie Sheen Once Brought A Hooker To Thanksgiving Dinner At Denise Richards’ House”

CELEBITCHYThe jury’s still out on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but I could read a book-length interview with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Quentin Tarentino telling Hollywood stories

GO FUG YOURSELF“Sophie’s & Jessica’s World Tour Continues: I don’t think Dark Phoenix comes out here until early June, so we should have another week of dicey Louis Vuitton, at least, right?”

LINKS! Rihanna getting pregnant, James Charles controversy, Chris Rock rebooting ‘Saw’…

DLISTEDEvidently Rihanna getting pregnant is the next big project the superstar has planned, so fans clamoring for a new album might have to be satisfied with tabloid gossip about whether she has a baby bump instead

JEZEBELHere’s the deal with YouTube stars James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s ongoing spat over gummy vitamin endorsements (and betrayal), which has cost Charles over three million followers and led to some very interesting conversations about internet fame

THE BLASTChris Rock is going to reboot Saw with one of the franchise’s first directors and a screenplay he wrote himself?

CELEBITCHYOh wouldn’t that just be the most fitting outcome for Lori “Former Hallmark” Loughlin

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSouthern Charm star Thomas Ravenel’s ex-nanny Dawn Ledell has been deposed in he and Kathryn Dennis’ ongoing custody battle; as we all expected, Dawn made some pretty ugly and shocking claims about her former employers

VOXGame of Thrones‘ final season has turned out to be a huge dud, but it’s also getting the best ratings in the show’s (and HBO’s) history. So the network is probably not sweating the half-million people who want a complete Season 8 do-over

LAINEY GOSSIPThe new season of Black Mirror drops on June 5th; in something of a surprise, it will feature Miley Cyrus (among other big names). Here’s the first teaser trailer

REALITY TEA“Lisa Rinna Dishes About Watching P0rn With Husband Harry Hamlin; Says ‘It’s Hot!'”

GO FUG YOURSELFIs this too much leather on Halle Berry?

THE BLEMISHNo way to top this headline: “The Person Who Runs Vita Coco’s Twitter Peed in a Jar for Someone to Drink”

LINKS! Bethenny Frankel custody battle, Britney Spears investigation, Alabama abortion ban…

REALITY TEABethenny Frankel, whose custody battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy is beyond nasty, was forced to testify in court that, yes, sometimes reality TV producers fudge timelines or outright make things up. The judge in Bethenny’s case sided with her defense of “No sh!t”

THE BLEMISH“The people responsible for controlling Britney Spears‘ life are now in the crosshairs of court investigators as the judge in her conservatorship case has ordered a thorough investigation of all the players who take part in planning her personal life, financial affairs and medical treatment”

VOX“Alabama Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Their strategy could backfire: The Alabama abortion ban’s lack of exceptions for rape or incest could be its downfall”

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s Lainey talking to Heather and Jessica from Go Fug Yourself, which honestly is all you should need to know to click the link. (Yes, they talk about the Olivia Munn controversy, in case you needed extra persuasion)

CELEBITCHYGeorge R. R. Martin would like you to know that no, he is not done with A Song Of Ice And Fire and is just sitting on the final two novels at HBO’s requesy

JEZEBELIn related news, here’s the story of Queen Matilda, daughter of King Henry the First, who in the 12th century underwent her own battle for the Iron Throne, by which we mean “English crown”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Biggest Loser to be Rebooted by USA Network After Four Years: Will Focus on a ‘Holistic 360-Degree Look at Wellness’ Instead of Just Weight Loss”

GO FUG YOURSELFWitness the glory of Gabrielle Union’s many recent outfits, which range from “great” to “perplexing” to everything in-between

DLISTEDIf you want to play the long game with a sure-fire Hollywood sh!tshow, keep your eyes on this brewing fecal hurricane starring Mel Gibson

THE BLEMISHJohn Mayer may think Kourtney Kardashian’s body is a wonderland, but he still isn’t dating her

LINKS! Bear West?, Empire ending, Southern Charm custody battle…

CELEBITCHYWould you be the least bit surprised if you learned that Kim and Kanye named their fourth child Bear West? Would anyone?

JEZEBELEmpire‘s upcoming sixth season — and first without Jussie Smollett — will be its last. Fox CEO Charlie Collier says the final bow will be “a large television event,” which in case you couldn’t read between the lines is code for “Please don’t ask us about Jussie Smollett ever again”

THE BLASTThe judge in Southern Charm stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis’ custody battle agreed with Dennis’ request that the entire case be sealed from the public. So now that any news will have to come in the form of a leak, expect the mud slinging to get even worse

VOX“People say they care about privacy but buy devices that can spy on them anyway: Experts explain why people are giving mixed signals about smart tech.”

REALITY TEAKyle Richards accidentally ran into Lisa Vanderpump while buying makeup and yes it was “extremely awkward” but also they talked for quite awhile and Kyle still thinks of Lisa fondly?

THE BLEMISHCrazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu is extremely not happy that her successful TV show Fresh Off The Boat was renewed for another season, possibly because she feels she’s too good for TV and is ready for life as a full-time movie star

DLISTEDMissy Elliot and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton co-conspirator Alex Lacamoire were both awarded honorary Ph.Ds from the Berkelee College of Music this weekend. (Justin Timberlake also got one)

LAINEY GOSSIP“Each gender-swapped remake before has something to recommend it, but The Hustle isn’t really offering anything except Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe”

GO FUG YOURSELF“Tyra Banks Is Back And I Have Maybe Never Been Happier”