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LINKS Amanda Bynes back in recovery, ‘Cultural icon’ Blue Ivy, The Good Place returns…

THE BLASTRumors of Amanda Bynes back in recovery appear to be true — she’s apparently “not doing well” following her stint in drug rehab earlier this year, and is currently in a “group home focusing on sober living” away from the pressures of Hollywood

CELEBITCHYBeyonce called her seven-year-old daughter Blue Ivy a “cultural icon” in legal documents her attorneys filed to try and trademark the name. Bey is probably right — and she’s trying to keep the name out of the hands of a wedding planner who uses the name “Blue Ivy” for her business

VOXLast night The Good Place, the only perfect show on network television, aired its final season premiere. In honor of that, enjoy this article on how the show makes black hole-dense moral philosophy engaging and funny

REALITY TEAFormer RHOC star and current demoted RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson is trying to get her main cast spot back by kicking up a bunch of dust around Kelly Dodd. Her current best effort is that Kelly “leeches off men,” which, maybe but also so what?

LAINEY GOSSIPKevin Feige — who, in case you’re like me and had no idea, is the head of Marvel Studios — is going to produce a Star Wars movie. It’s pretty clear that Star Wars as a franchise is going the way of James Bond in a big hurry, but for now this announcement is a big deal if you like movie studio insider politics

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThere’s video of disgraced former Southern Charm star taking a magic mushroom and engaging in “inappropriate and violent behavior” at a party while also acting as caregiver for his kids and yet that’s somehow not the most disturbing detail in this article

GO FUG YOURSELFThis miniskirt-and-plunging-neckline combination Natalie Portman is wearing sort of makes her appear to be simultaneously lifting off into orbit and dripping into the carpet like a sad forgotten candle

DLISTEDTurns out Mailk Yoba only announced that he’s attracted to trans women because he knew a story about how he’d allegedly solicited underage trans girls was about to break and he was trying to get out ahead of it. Then, the first time an interviewer asked about the allegations, Yoba got up and walked out of the room

JEZEBELThanks to the pervasiveness of the HGTV aesthetic, super-rich people are having a really hard time selling all their amazing antique furniture because it’s now considered just clutter. And so, the following delightful headline: “Rich People Have Bad Taste and Don’t Like Antiques Anymore, so They Should Give Them to Me”

THE BLASTToday, in sentences: “If I’m honest, I do still want to have sex with Lindsay Lohan, but I’m deeply ashamed of it because her skin looks like someone let the air out of a sex doll.”

LINKS Real Trump pee tape, Kylie Jenner hospitalized, ‘Unbelievable’ on Netflix…

JEZEBELIn the middle of the whistleblower’s memo and subsequent impeachment drama comes what sure looks an awful lot like the real Trump pee tape. We say “looks like” because it turns out it’s likely a very high quality fake; your willingness to believe in the tape’s authenticity is directly related to how much you want to see grainy footage of women peeing on each other while Trump sits on a nearby chair

VOXAbout that whistleblower: It turns out a still-anonymous US intelligence official claims s/he has tea on Trump trying to do some crimes with the president of Ukraine, and that White House officials then tried to cover up the doing of those crimes

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThere’s a reason Kylie Jenner wasn’t with Kendall and Kim at the Emmys last weekend: she was under the weather and has apparently now been hospitalized for “flu-like symptoms”

CELEBITCHY“How close is Netflix’s Unbelievable to the true story?”

DLISTEDKim Zolciak let her five-year old daughter Kaia Rose wear full makeup, then shared a photo of Kaia on Instagram, and then got a bit huffy when several people slammed her in the comments, hmmm

THE BLASTSpeaking of Real Housewives, it seems Dorit Kemsley’s money problems are far from over: she’s being taken back to court in relation to her husband’s $1.2 million (alleged) debt

REALITY TEASurvivor: Island of the Idols Premiere Recap: Season 39 Starts Off On Fire!”

THE BLEMISHThat interview Jennifer Lopez gave to Movieline in 1998 has gone viral again, probably because she shit-talks a ton of A-listers and generally acts like she has Meryl Streep’s résumé and Cardi B’s cred

GO FUG YOURSELFIf you still haven’t gotten enough of the fashion from the 2019 Emmys, now’s your chance to vote in the only other fashion poll that matters: The worst-dressed celebs from Sunday night

LAINEY GOSSIPPrincess Beatrice is engaged to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi; enjoy them here looking googly-eyed at one another, and also on a boat

LINKS Lana Del Rey’s new boyfriend, Greta Thunberg vs the world, Breaking Bad movie trailer…

DLISTEDLana Del Rey’s new boyfriend is Sargeant Sean Larkin from A&E’s smash hit reality cop series Live PD. Sean’s nickname could use some work (blame his captain), he is an actual cop, and he and Lana look cute together

CELEBITCHYGreta Thunberg is like the kid who outsmarts the bumbling adults in every kid-centered movie by using overwhelming earnestness, except this movie is real and the stakes are whether or not we all melt into flesh puddles by the start of the next century. And — for now it least — it…seems to be working!

VOXThe first proper trailer for the upcoming Breaking Bad movie El Camino, and it is dope

JEZEBELThis story is so bananas I’ll just butcher it if I try to give a synopsis; the headline is bad enough: “Parents Accused of Abandoning Their 9-Year-Old Child Say She Was Actually a Fully-Grown, Mentally Unwell Adult”

LAINEY GOSSIPJoaquin Phoenix should probably be better prepared to answer questions about Joker‘s potential to inspire violence, especially given the Batman franchise’s unfortunate real-life history

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“USA Network Announces New Trainers for Biggest Loser Reboot; Bob Harper Joins As Host”

GO FUG YOURSELFNow that you’ve had a day and change to digest all the 2019 Emmys fashion, here’s your chance to vote in the only fashion poll that matters: “Emmys 2019: Fug Nation’s Best Dressed”

REALITY TEAVanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute broke up with her boyfriend Brian Carter again, this time via a long Instagram post that got right into how emotionally messy the relationship was and still is

THE BLASTA rich German car collector is suing Brian Austin Breen over a 1955 “Pre- A Reutter 1500cc (non-S) Speedster” Porche that apparently doesn’t have its original 1955 engine despite Green advertising the car as being 100% original

THE BLEMISHI lose or break a pair of sunglasses about every other month; I only wish I had Lenny Kravitz’s social media pull in this department

LINKS 2019 Emmy winners, Jenny McCarthy red carpet fail, Bethenny Frankel moving on…

VOXThe 2019 Emmy winners included Gwendoline Christie, both for Game of Thrones‘ Best Drama award and dominating the red carpet as usual; Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who cleaned house with Fleabag; and jokes about how cheerful and uplifting Chernobyl is — but, sadly, did not include Russian Doll, which nonetheless remains a perfect show

CELEBITCHYAnother unfortunate Emmys loser: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who had won six years running for Veep. Veep was completely shut out last night; if she’d won again, Louis-Dreyfus would have passed Cloris Leachman as the person with the most Emmy wins of all time

LAINEY GOSSIPJharrel Jerome won When They See Us‘ only award of the night, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie; if you’ve not yet heard of him, get ready to, since at 21 years old he’s the youngest person ever to win the category

THE BLAST“Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Appear Back Together On Emmy’s Red Carpet After 2017 Split”

REALITY TEAIn more Starcasm-centric news, here’s a list of all the reality TV-specific Emmy nominees and winners (it was absolutely no surprise that RuPaul’s Drag Race won for the fourth year in a row, nor that RuPaul had one of the most best speeches of the night)

THE BLEMISHI missed Jenny McCarthy making every celebrity she touched cringe like an injured dog with her red carpet interviews but after reading this recap I really wish I’d managed to see them live

JEZEBEL“Bethenny Frankel’s Post-RHONY Plans: Making New Shows That May or May Not Be About Bethenny Frankel”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Jon Gosselin Says He Once Rejected TLC’s $1 Million Offer to Stay Married to Kate & Keep Jon & Kate Plus 8 On the Air: “’I Wasn’t Gonna Have a Fake Marriage'”

DLISTEDA judge has ruled that Jamie Spears will remain Britney Spears’ conservator, so “Free Britney” is dead? The hashtags will live on

GO FUG YOURSELFThis outfit looks like it won the war only after losing several major battles

LINKS Saved By The Bell reboot, Zooey and Jonathan Scott, School shooting commercial…

CELEBITCHYThere’s a Saved By The Bell reboot coming, it’s being produced by one of the people who made 30 Rock great, and it sounds like the press release announcing the show is also supposed to pressure Mark-Paul Gosselaar to sign on and make Governor Zach Morris (no, really) a thing

DLISTED“Music” is as sensible a reason as any for this particular celebrity pairing

JEZEBELThis new PSA about school shootings is getting a lot of attention and a fair bit of pushback for its realistic depiction of the violence kids are being trained to expect at any moment while also learning math

REALITY TEAVanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is embroiled in a serious beef with 50 Cent and this breakdown of it is absolutely, gloriously petty

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Former Flipping Out Star Jeff Lewis’ Daughter Expelled from Preschool Due to Comments He Made on His Radio Show”

THE BLEMISHA second person who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct has died under let’s call it fairly unexpected circumstances. And a third person out of the blue decided to stop talking to prosecutors. Insert your own Frank Underwood joke here

GO FUG YOURSELFThe plot of the Between Two Ferns movie sounds almost identical to that every-celebrity-cameo-possible Paulie Shore redemption project from a few years back, so maybe this is just a genre that produces one movie every decade or so?

LAINEY GOSSIPMark Ruffalo is getting a fair bit of Oscar buzz for playing “dude Erin Brockovich” in a movie called Dark Waters that it sounds like no one will ever see

VOXHere’s the truth about Area 51, as told by the world’s foremost expert (provided you can trust her)

THE BLASTThis love letter from Guy Fieri to cheeseburgers in honor of National Cheeseburger Day is oddly touching, though it does overlook the fact that when your brand is built on greasy spoons and hipster pub fare, every day is National Cheeseburger Day

LINKS Barron Trump’s real father, Cynthia Bailey’s eyelashes, Hot Jesus…

CELEBITCHYWith yet another weird slip of the tongue, Donald Trump gave rise to a tabloid- and SEO-friendly question nobody was asking the day before: Is he Barron Trump’s real father? Or did Melania get pregnant by someone else?

REALITY TEARHOA star Cynthia Bailey accidentally pulled out her real eyelashes while removing her false eyelashes in a big hurry. And yet, I have to agree with Reality Tea’s takeaway here: “In all honestly, she still looks better than I have ever looked. In my entire life.”

VOX“The long shadow of ‘hot Jesus’: The Christ of my youth was benevolent and handsome. So why was I treated like the ungodly temptation?”

THE BLEMISHModern Family developed a real problem with Ariel Winter’s Alex in later seasons, still playing her as an unf*ckable dork running around with nerdy losers because those were the only guys who wanted her. The problem, of course, is that we could all see she was insanely hot behind those thick-rimmed glasses, even after she had that breast reduction that took her chest down to ‘gigantic’ from ‘almost comically large.'”

JEZEBELThere is a brand-new oral history of the 1994 Little Women and you need to stop what you are doing right now and go read it. (Except of course for reading and clicking on the links in this very article.) There are way too many incredible details for me to try to mention them all here; here’s one: Did you know that Claire Danes’ screen test was Beth’s death scene?!

THE BLASTWell of course Kim Kardashian was never really moving to f*cking Wyoming

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFormer Southern Charm star and current disgraced sexual assault accusant Thomas Ravenel got off pretty easy after pleading guilty to the charge of “third-degree assault and battery regarding accusations of sexual assault from his children’s former nanny.” Ravenel received a 30-day suspended jail sentence and a $500 fine

GO FUG YOURSELF“THIS is why I want her to go on a prolonged awards run. Never stop, Jennifer Lopez. You are a walking mood board for a soap opera.”

DLISTEDApparently the Dutch were the only people who took the “Storm Area 51” meme seriously

LAINEY GOSSIPNetflix’s new Meryl Streep film The Laundromat got plenty of hype leading into the Toronto International Film Festival, but it hasn’t come out the other side looking so good

LINKS Teigen v Trump, Rape joke fail, Wendy Williams gossip…

CELEBITCHYTeigen v Trump continues to drag out on social media, following the president’s left-field criticism of Chrissy Teigen and Teigen’s prompt clapback this past weekend. Teigen, one of the few people online more than the president, is going to keep this fight going for awhile

REALITY TEAChef Ben Robinson from Below Deck Med made a joke about how Hannah Ferrier “tried to rape” him back in Season 1. As you probably suspected, the joke…did not go so well

DLISTEDIn other Watch What Happens Live news, Wendy Williams was recently on and was eager to discuss some of the gossip about her personal life. Among the highlights: yes, she is seeing “many men”; if you want to be her lover, you gotta get with that prenup; Bill Cosby once tried to get her fired from a morning show, which is actually much nicer than what he usually tried to do to young women?

VOXJojo Rabbit, a coming-of-age story about a boy and his best friend Hitler, is both hilarious and grim: Taika Waititi’s ‘anti-hate satire’ is a comedy set in Nazi Germany. And it mostly works — a comedy with satirical elements, rather than a true satirical tale”

THE BLEMISHKorean model Han Hye Jin revealed her excruciating diet and exercise plan in the build-up to her nude cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar (it’s not what you’d expect a model to say)

LAINEY GOSSIPRobert Pattinson won the party circuit at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, had no drama (!) with Kristen Stewart despite a potentially ghastly scheduling mishap — and, in case you forgot, co-stars with Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, which looks bananas and comes out next month

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Set to Be Released from Prison This Week As His Wife Lauren & Jersey Shore Family Plan Big Welcome Home Celebration”

GO FUG YOURSELF“There are always sheers and semi-naked dresses at the Bazaar Icons Bash”; enjoy this roundup of the best & most notable (Normani, for a couple of reasons; likewise Serayah)

THE BLASTIt’s not entirely clear to me why OxyContin heiress Joss Sackler thought she could get former drug addict Courtney Love — who also, in case you’d forgotten, used to be married to a heroin addict — to model in her fashion show. What is clear is that Love is not going to let Sackler’s oversight go quietly

JEZEBEL“According to the BBC, a group of South Korean women over the age of 70 have found happiness in ‘cheerobics,’ a combination of cheerleading and aerobics. They are absolutely adorable in a way only a grandmother can be, and the video of them strutting their stuff in matching pink uniforms and pom-poms is particularly motivating. You can’t not smile while watching this. I’ve tried. It’s impossible.”

LINKS Nicki Minaj retired, The Good Place Season 4, Kevin Hart walking…

LAINEY GOSSIPShe made the announcement out of nowhere, then quickly tried to play it down — but is Nicki Minaj retired for real, or is she just planning a short (pregnancy) break? Nicki claims she’s going to be “talking about everything” on Queen Radio, so we probably don’t have too long to wait before finding out some of what she’s got planned

JEZEBELThe Good Place‘s fourth and final season premieres September 26th at 9 PM on NBC. The first teaser trailer for the new season is here; it’s light on new material (as any good teaser trailer should be), but you’ll never think about JFK’s assassination the same way again

DLISTEDKevin Hart is said to be “excruciating pain as he heals” from the major back injuries he suffered in a car accident last week — but he is apparently walking again. Hart began physical therapy last week, has months of the same ahead of him, and is “maintaining a relatively positive mood”

VOXIt seems America’s current president has been making the military stop over at his Scottish golf resort while on the way back from anywhere within (literally) a thousand or so miles of the place. In addition to making for inefficient travel, the stops also cost taxpayers more than layovers at the usual spots — to the tune of $11 million and counting in fuel alone

CELEBITCHYDefinitely not going to top this headline: “Prince Andrew was still getting rides on the Lolita Express after Epstein’s 2006 arrest”

REALITY TEA“This season of The Real Housewives of Potomac is coming to a close, and my heart can’t take it. I never want this season to end. From start to finish, it’s been a breakout season in every possible way.”

THE BLEMISHJust to play Devil’s Advocate: At what point over the last few years of Michael Jackson’s life could he have said he believed someone was trying to kill him and *not* had it written off as simple paranoia?

THE BLASTJ. Lo’s clutch wasn’t “literally” $10,000 in cash at the Hustlers premiere, but it was impressive nonetheless

GO FUG YOURSELFCome for the half-handsome, half-brooding madman pictures of Bill Skarsgard; stay for lines like these: “Here, Bill is the photo of your beloved that you kept in your locket during the war, ever since that day he hopped on that train and leaned out the window and held up a farewell hand while you waved your hanky”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPI lost count of how many times I forgot Flip or Flop star Christina Antstead was pregnant during her actual pregnancy; now that she’s given birth to a healthy baby boy (congrats!) I look forward to many years of trying to remember that she actually has a child