LINKS! Eye Drop Murder mug shot, Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel reveal…

Eye Drop Murder mug shot 1

JEZEBELIn what’s being called the Eye Drop Murder case, South Carolina woman Lana Sue Clayton has been charged with homicide after police accused her of poisoning her husband by spiking his food with potentially lethal eye drops

CELEBITCHYBetween the Republican aide flashing a “White Power” sign behind him, the Handmaid’s Tale protesters, multiple shouting matches, and the father of a Parkland shooting victim getting shunned for a handshake and instantly going mega-viral, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is having kind of a rough time at his Senate confirmation hearing

LAINEY GOSSIPBrie Larson’s Captain Marvel movie drops this coming March, and “incredibly promising” proper photos of her in the good Captain’s proper costume have *finally* been released

THE BLEMISHKristen Stewart is in the middle of writing a movie and it sounds like that movie either has a fisting scene in it or has a scene involving a recap of an unseen fisting scene; hopefully Hollywood is ready

REALITY TEASurvivor: David vs. Goliath premieres in three weeks; here’s a super in-depth preview of the show’s 37th season, including the names and bios of all the new cast members

THE BLASTGloria Gowen’s ex-husband Matt Barnes won the first round of their legal battle after a judge granted his emergency restraining order and ordered Gloria to stay 100 yards away from the kids when she’s not with them for their four supervised visitation hours

DLISTEDVanilla Ice was on the flight from Dubai to New York where everybody got sick — except he was in first class, where people were apparently quarantined and had no idea what was going on until the plane landed

VOX“Why your desk job is so damn exhausting: One of the great mysteries of adult life — and psychology.”

(Photo credit: Eye Drop Murder mug shot via York County Sheriff’s Office)

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