LINKS! Stormy Daniels arrested, Jada Pinkett Smith’s sex addiction, Porsha Williams engaged?…

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CELEBITCHYStormy Daniels was arrested during her performance at a strip club in Columbus OH last night. Her lawyer Michael Avenatti claims the arrest was the result of Daniels “allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner”

THE BLEMISHJada Pinkett Smith says she’s a sex addict who knew she had a masturbation problem when she found herself having five orgasms a day. Not to downplay sex addiction, but five sounds a little low for the problem threshold

REALITY TEARHOA star Porsha Williams may or may not have been buying engagement rings with her new boyfriend yesterday and may or may not have arranged to get caught doing so by paparazzi

JEZEBELSo the guy who played an unbelievably sadistic prison guard on OITNB is now the host of a game show where three contestants compete to have their crushing student loan debt paid off. I can only assume that the two losing contestants are then mauled to death by grizzly bears for the pleasure of their loan holders

VOXJohn Schnatter — better known as Papa John himself — has resigned as CEO of his now-former company after a recording went public in which Schnatter casually drops the n-word during a conference call. Bonus: the call was “set up to teach Schnatter how to not say offensive things”

PAJIBAApparently White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was not rolling his eyes at Donald Trump during a NATO breakfast yesterday; rather, he was “displeased” by the food selection. If I had a nickel for every time I contorted my face to express obvious displeasure at the noshing options during a high-level diplomatic meeting, I could afford to be a member of Trump’s cabinet

THE BLASTHere’s Lady Gaga strolling around the streets of New York City wearing head-to-toe leather, looking like Times Square circa 1978 and no doubt smelling like 1878

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAslhee Simpson and Evan Ross are ready to unleash Ashlee+Evan their aptly titled E! documentary, upon the world; here’s the trailer

DLISTEDFirst The Rock thrilled everyone by suggesting he would run for president in 2020. Then he walked himself back by saying he was thinking about 2024 instead. Now he’s gone full Sherman and claimed he won’t be running at all

LAINEY GOSSIPAlthough it seems totally unnecessary to say the least that there are currently two different Joker origin story movies in production, it’s worth remembering that “this is actually not the worst idea.” The worst idea is the one of these movies starring Jared Leto. If you *have* to see one of them, see the Joaquin Phoenix one (but really see neither)

(Photo credit: Stormy Daniels arrested via Franklin County Sheriff’s Office / SplashNews)

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