LINKS! Michael Cohen ready to flip, Ariana and Pete get graphic, Harvey Weinstein looking grim…

Michael Cohen ready to flip

CELEBITCHYFormer Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is about to become another in the parade of Trump turncoats willing to dish on the president in exchange for lenient sentencing for all the totally illegal stuff they’ve been doing their entire lives and that Trump managed to drag out into the daylight by winning the election

DLISTEDAriana Grande and Pete Davidson are firmly ensconced in the sex-crazy-and-tripping-over-each-other-to-publicly-praise-each-other’s-sex-organs phase of their relationship

THE BLASTA special round of applause for the staffer who found what may be the worst possible photo to accompany this story about how the three new sex crimes charges against Harvey Weinstein have him facing life in prison

THE BLEMISHI know the news about Drake actually having a son is a few days old now, but I missed this headline when the story broke and it’s really funny and deserves a wider audience, so enjoy

VERY SMART BROTHASSpeaking of Drake, here’s why Scorpion is really just a frozen waffle that didn’t thaw out completely in the toaster but that you eat anyway

JEZEBELYup, this headline checks out

VOX“A black 12-year-old was mowing a lawn. So someone called the police.”

REALITY TEAKristen Doute is pretty sure that James Kennedy has been cheating on Raquel Leviss, only she swears it’s not with her. And as Gob Bluth can tell you, unsubtle misdirection is still misdirection

LAINEY GOSSIPKendrick Lamar is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month, for a feature that essentially kicks off the “post-Puliter phase of [his] career” and is full of fresh insights on his process

PAJIBAHere’s Michelle Wolf with a fresh round of thoughts on the Trump administration, including some things you might say to its members should you encounter them at a nearby country club

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPDeena Cortese of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is expecting her first child with husband Chris Buckner, congrats!

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