Claire Duggar’s mom Hilary Spivey in Instagram war defending Jim Bob

Another Jim Bob Duggar supporter is coming out of the woodwork and this time it is Claire Duggar’s mom Hilary Spivey.

See the IG comments here that go back and forth with a fan that is skeptical of the 19 Kids and Counting patriarchs involvement in raising his children. Justin Duggar’s mother in law is not afraid and NOT backing down…

19 Kids and Counting drama

19 Kids and Counting‘s The Duggar family cannot seem to stay out of the news these days. The conservative Christian fundamentalists have been targeted by an Amazon Prime docuseries and everyone is giving their two cents.

Jill and Amy Duggar participated in Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, making their position known. Jinger Vuolo has also written a tell-all memoir about her family called Becoming Free Indeed, solidifying her own skepticism against the way they were raised in the “cult like” Institute of Basic Life Principles.

While many of the Duggar daughters are “rebelling” against the family by speaking out and (gasp!) wearing pants… parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar still seem to have some supporters… and they are just as vocal about making their opinions known.

Justin and Claire Duggar

Justin Duggar is 14th in line in the Duggar family. He married Claire Spivey the day after he turned 18. Their wedding took place in 2020, after 19 Kids and Counting and its spin off Counting On had been cancelled.

Though their wedding was not televised, you can still watch it on YouTube here. The Spivey family is very proud that their daughter, one of 6 kids, married into the Duggar family.

Claire’s mom Hilary Spivey has been an associate of the Duggars for years, and when it comes to where her loyalties lie, it seems like this mama bear is defending her pack.

Hilary Spivey on the attack

Hilary Spivey recently got into it with a fan on Instagram who commented negatively on James Duggar’s Father’s Day tribute to his dad Jim Bob.

In the comments section someone said “I think you mean Happy Father’s Day Jill. Your parents did not raise you.” and Spivey was quick to stand her ground.

The back and forth continued as follows….

Spivey: Oh my goodness I had no idea you were there!! Never saw you on the show!

Commenter: Oh I’m sorry. I never seen you either? So you clearly know everything?

Spivey: We’ve known them for 23 years.

Commenter: Cool. You weren’t on the show though. So move along.

Spivey: You don’t know that if Jill really raised James based on a scripted TV show for drama purposes only and some of the Dugger kids do love their dad in a normal world so do you know them personally in real life face to face. JAMES doesn’t care what you think anyway and I hope your [sic] not spreading false information.

Commenter: And yet you let your daughter marry into a family that covered up the SA of their daughters and never sought treatment for the trauma that they endured. A father who lied on the stand and said he couldn’t recall facts about said time even though he was on Fox News talking about it. Are you serious?

Spivey: Claire’s marriage has nothing to do with any of that.

Interesting to note that in her conclusion she didn’t exactly disagree with the harsh facts presented… only that they didn’t have anything to do with her.

Looks like we know where Justin, Claire, and the rest of the Spivey family stand on this issue. It’s a safe bet we wont be getting any tell-all memoirs from them in the future.

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