Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar offer marriage advice amid divorce rumors

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This week’s issue of In Touch features a cover story about a split between 19 Kids & Counting parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar over conflicting reactions to the return of their prodigal son, Josh Duggar.

Here’s the cover:

In Touch Jim Bob Michelle Duggar divorce split cover

The fertile mom and pop are having none of that tabloid nonsense, however, and they denied the rumors in a Facebook post moments ago. “We are more in love today than when we married almost 32 years ago!” the couple declared. “By God’s grace, our marriage is the strongest and sweetest it has ever been!”

In addition to denying the divorce rumors (which have been around before and before…), Jim Bob and Michelle also shared some advice, per request. “We recently were asked to share with a group of couples the keys we have learned over the past 32 years in pursuing a dynamic marriage,” they wrote. And here is their response:

Some tips that have helped us include:

1. Individually pursue a close relationship with Jesus. The closer we each get to God, the closer we each get to each other.

2. Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath, which means don’t let offenses build up, but apologize and make things right quickly.

3. Never say put downs or negative name calling, but instead, praise each other with a grateful spirit.

4. Go out on regular dates and enjoy each other’s company.

5. We recommend husbands and wives to read together the book, His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage by Willard F. Harley

-Jim Bob ❤ Michelle


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar throwback photo

Providing marriage advice is nothing new for the propagationist first family, as both Michelle and Jim Bob have shared their wisdom individually. Michelle’s response was rather lengthy, and you’ll need to click here to read it, but Jim Bob’s was in list form. Here it is for comparison to the much shorter list above:

10. Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath. If you have any conflict, resolve them as quick as you can the day it happens before the sun goes down.

9. The closer a husband and wife get to God, the closer they get to each other. The farther away they get from God, the farther they get from each other.

8. Establish a weekly date night dedicated to going out together.

7. The husband should cherish his wife and show her he loves her by being respectful of her.

6. The husband should show his wife he loves her by opening doors, taking her on dates, telling her he loves her and leaving her love notes.

5. Ask your wife what home repair projects would be important to her and be sure to get them done!

4. Learn to listen to the heart of your wife and allow her to communicate her concerns and dreams with you on a daily basis.

3. Praise your wife and children 10 times more than you correct them.

2. Respect each other.

1. Be fruitful and multiply.


You can catch up on Jim Bob, Michelle, and all the other Duggars except one by tuning in to new episodes of Jill & Jessa: Counting On airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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