Duggar family photo ignites controversy over safety of kids


A recent photo posted by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has critics “SMDH” over some unprotected heads.

The quivering from concerned folks over the quiverfull-following family’s Facebook post was ignited by a photo of the youngest Duggars riding bikes without any helmets on.

One commenter chimed in, “Looks great! Looks like they forgot their helmets though.” This opened the floodgates for both naysayers and defenders:

“If y’all grow up poor like i did lucky to have a bike back in 1979 it was no helmet we were barefoot riding bikes no shoes at all them children are in no danger well taken care of.”

We dint have seat belts, car seat nor crazy drivers going 100 miles an hour either It’s better to be safe than sorry now. Society grows brains on occasion.”

“I rode bikes when I was a kid all the time never Road with a helmet and I turned out fine the Duggars are good people naysayers stay out of it.”

That is just sheer luck as thousands have literally died because of not wearing a helmet >:( Think about parents and family of the deceased before making stupid and uneducated comments.

“Kind of hard to crack your head open on a dirt driveway… generations and generations of people rode bikes without helmets as kids and survived. There is such a thing as overkill.”

I can see many rocks on the dirt road which wont be good to land on if someone falls. I dont care if my kids are riding bikes on clouds they will be wearing helmets.

As if the lack of helmets weren’t enough, detractors then pointed out how it’s maybe not the best idea to try and ride a bike in flip flops…

According to bikeleague.org, Arkansas, where the Duggar family home is located, has no helmet laws for bicycles.