New documents: Duggars threatened “embarrassing lawsuit” against city — with help from presidential candidate’s lawyer

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

After Josh Duggar’s police report was released in May, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said they were pursuing their legal options.

“It’s been an unprecedented attack on our family,” Jim Bob said in a Fox News interview in early June. “This information was released illegally, so I wonder why this press is not going after the system for releasing the juvenile records… Hopefully justice will be served on the ones who released the juvenile records to protect their other juveniles.”

Now, In Touch has new documents that show the family tried to follow through with a case against the city of Springdale, Arkansas: In a message to the director of legal services for the Arkansas Municipal League, the Duggars’ self-described “conservative defense lawyer” said he didn’t believe there was any justification of Springdale Police Chief Kathy O’Kelley’s decision to release Josh’s documents.

“If there is not a desire to resolve there will be an expensive (and embarrassing) lawsuit,” added the Duggars’ lawyer, Kevin A. Crass. Not so coincidentally, he has also “served as personal counsel to Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee” since 1997.

In a later series of messages between the Municipal League director and city attorney Ernest B. Cate, they seemed to laugh off the Duggars’ plan — with Cate saying, “So is this their strategy, that they are the victims of some liberal conspiracy????”

Although it’s unclear where the lawsuit stands today, one insider said the former reality stars don’t plan to go down without a fight: “The family fortune has taken a massive hit — and they’re fighting back against everyone. It smacks of desperation.”

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