Kim Kardashian is paying $100k per day for security following Paris robbery; Khloe’s boyfriend ups her detail

Kim Kardashian out and about in Paris

Kim Kardashian’s net worth is more discusses now than at any point in recent memory–and not just because of the $11 million in jewels she lost in the Paris robbery that shocked her fans this week. According to a recent report by Kardashian home network E!, Kim has given her security detail a serious makeover, and is likely paying upwards of six-figures every day to keep herself safe. The network cited Aaron Jackson, president of NYC’s Finest Execution Protection and VIP Security Transports, who explained that, though other clients might be wealthier, a security firm will always charge more for a high-profile client.

“Cost per hour varies on the client and the complexity of the assignment as well as the potential threat level,” Jackson explained. “Celebrities are charged more than, say, a hedge fund guy. That’s a wealthy client and then there’s a public figure. Kim is a very, very public figure. Also, there’s now that added threat level. I would say she’d be charged around $150 an hour per security guard.”

The Kardashians have had round-the-clock security since news of Kim’s robbery broke, and numerous outlets have reported that the standard Kardashian security detail is beefed up to a whopping 30 guards. If that means they have 30 people protecting them at all times, the family is paying out $4,500 per hour for security, or $108,000 per day. (If, instead, they have a 30-person crew broken down into three ten-person, eight-hour shifts, the Kardashians are still paying $36,000 per day for security, or a little more than a quarter-million dollars a week.)

And apparently the whole family is indeed spooked. In fact, several reports allege that Khloe’s new boyfriend Tristan Thompson is insisting on extra security at Cleveland Cavaliers games, so Khloe can be properly defended against whatever threats might exist. “He wants her to be at every home game that she can possibly attend,” a source told Hollywood Life, “and has asked Cavs executives for extra security when she’s in the building.” When it was pointed out that the most high-profile athlete in the world already plays for the Cavs, the insider responded, “No disrespect to LeBron, but Tristan wants Khloe to be more protected at the arena than [LeBron’s daughter] Savannah!”

Of course, Kim’s net worth–widely estimated at around $85 million–is unlikely to suffer from the daily security tab. And, if she’s a little short one day, she can probably get a loan from mom Kris Jenner, whose nine-figure fortune outstrips all her famous children.

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