30 Rock star admits housing situation is ‘difficult,’ has slept on an air mattress for months

Judah Friedlander - Air Mattress

Judah Friedlander, who played writer Frank Rossitano on Emmy Award-winning 30 Rock, revealed this week he’s resorted to sleeping on an air mattress since the show wrapped last January.

“I’ve been [looking for an apartment] and sleeping on an air mattress for eight months,” the comedian told Page Six on Wednesday. “I find the entire process… difficult.”

Although Judah continues to work as a stand-up comic, he implied his broker was less than trustworthy when it came to money management.

“I figured out his lying skills,” he said of the broker. “Now I can read when he lies, and when he doesn’t. That took a few months.”

Judah is also at a disadvantage because of the competitive New York City rental market — and even hinted this week that he’s grown desperate for a new home.

He elaborated to Page Six that he does have an apartment, but it has “mold and musty problems” and he doesn’t want to contaminate a real mattress.

“I don’t want all that bad air seeping into [a] mattress I buy… Then taking it to new apartment that’s not polluted.”

Fortunately for Judah’s health, he is on the road a lot with his “World Champion” tour.

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