Former Real Housewife only has $100 to her name, divorce papers reveal

Lynne Curtin Divorce and Broke

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin’s in the midst of a divorce — and claims to need spousal support because she only has $100 in the bank.

In divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Lynne revealed she only makes $3,000 from her jewelry business, which she promoted during seasons four and five of RHOC.

Lynne explained she is getting by with a strict budget of $515 per month. That covers her food ($150), phone ($115), laundry ($50), clothes ($100) and entertainment ($100). It’s unclear where she’s living, considering she was previously busted for squatting in an apartment after failing to pay rent.

Even with her modest expenses, Lynne had to take out a loan to afford a divorce lawyer. She’s also contending with $30,000 in unpaid taxes from 2009.

Frank Curtin, Lynne’s ex, doesn’t seem to be much better off. The contractor fell on hard times when the housing bubble burst and said in 2010 that he hadn’t worked in years.

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