Giada de Laurentiis’ net worth takes hit from divorce, continues to rise with new success

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Thanks to a costly divorce, the Giada de Laurentiis net worth question has become conspicuous. Among the many financial details we learned in Giada and ex-husband Todd Thompson’s divorce papers is the fact that Giada was ordered to pay $9,000 per month in alimony, or a total of $108,000 per year. Also of note? Todd got to keep the couple’s $3.2 million home in Pacific Palisaides CA. In addition to all that, he received 50% of the royalties for cookbooks that Giada published or for which she received a contract while the pair was married.

Despite the lack of a prenup, it doesn’t look like Giada’s hurting, as her recent purchase of a swanky new home and booming sales of her latest cookbook will attest. But, after all that, just how much money is Giada de Laurentiis worth?

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An E! report on the state of Giada and Todd’s divorce, written shortly after the divorce was finalized, cited court documents in stating that Giada de Laurentiis’ net worth was estimated at $20 million. Both she and Todd came to their marriage independently wealthy; Todd’s individual net worth was approximately $15 million, and Giada’s family has included power players in Hollywood for generations. Thus, it would stand to reason that Giada’s net worth dropped by several million dollars following the finalization.

However, there’s another interesting detail from the divorce papers that’s worth examining. The advance that Giada received for each of her cookbooks was listed among her assets. As you might expect, they confirm that the the 45-year-old Food Network icon is a top draw in the publishing world. 2007’s Everyday Pasta, one of Giada’s earliest hits, netted an impressive $757,000. Since then, though, her fee has tripled: Giada received $2.3 million for Giada’s Feel Good Food (2013) and $2.5 million for Weeknights With Giada (2012). And her newest endeavor, 2015’s Happy Cooking, was not part of the settlement, which means that Giada alone received a likely payday of more than $2 million for the work.

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And what about that new home? Giada opted to stay in Pacific Palisaides, but she chose quite a step up: her 5,000 square foot house was listed at $6.195 million before purchase. The five-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom Spanish estate used to belong to Benny Goodman–you can check out a photo tour here–and features even more charm than you’d expect a six-plus million dollar home to have. Where Giada de Laurentiis’ net worth is concerned, though, the new home means her total financial worth is likely closer to the original $20 million figure than it was immediately following the divorce. That, plus her value as one of the best-known faces on Food Network, suggest that Giada’s net worth is likely to stay in the eight-figure range for some time to come.


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