Adam Sandler wins Most Overpaid Actor award (again)

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The people have spoken, and their wallets have cried out. The answer? “No to Mr. Adam Sandler, please.” For the second consecutive year, Forbes has named Adam Sandler the most overpaid actor in Hollywood. Sticking Sandler in a starring role in your movie nets you $3.20 for every $1 you pay him. While that might not sound like a bad return on your investment, remember that those figures only reflect the ratio of the movie’s gross to Sandler’s entire salary–not to the budget of the whole movie.

Perhaps it’s the meager box office of Sandler’s last few major films, coupled with the poor critical reception of those movies, that led anonymous Sony employees to say the following things about him, in a document leaked by the ongoing Sony Hack Attack:


Although we manage to produce an innovative film once in awhile, Social Network, Moneyball, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films. Let’s raise the bar a little on the films we produce, and inspire employees that they are working on the next Social Network. That said, there’s a strange dichotomy of encouraging us to be fiscally responsible, but then upper management allows certain talent and filmmakers to bleed us dry with their outlandish requests for private jets, wardrobe and grooming stylists–and are surprised when they are asked to work more than 5 hours to promote their film.


Also, here’s this quick caveat: “Most Overpaid” does not necessarily mean “Most Overrated,” but, if there’s an argument to be made, somebody’s going to make it. Will that somebody be you? What do you, the viewing audience think? Is Sandler also the Most Overrated actor working in Hollywood today? Who deserves zero dollars and zero cents on that movie studio paycheck?


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