PHOTOS Fixer Upper Season 5 update: Reveal spoilers, Chip’s new look, possible guest stars, and an air date

Fixer Upper Season 5 update 2

For the very latest Fixer Upper Season 5 update, we need look no farther than Chip and Joanna themselves (plus the show’s production crew). The Gainses have been teasing guest stars and new possibilities for Fixer Upper Season 5 ever since filming got underway–which, as it turns out, was before Season 4 even aired its finale this past spring! Chip and Joanna recently reaffirmed their intention to stick to a sixteen-episode shooting schedule, so, while there won’t be any extra episodes this time around, the creative possibilities nonetheless appear boundless.

For starters, one of the biggest changes to the show will be Chip’s appearance. Devoteés of the Gainses’ social media feeds are aware that Chip has been letting his locks get positively shaggy these past few months–and he’s rocking a solid beard of late, too. Joanna doesn’t seem to mind one bit:

I was a bit secretive capturing this so I'm sorry @chippergaines but you look good getting gas. ? #chipgonewild #hairrrrrrr

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Here’s another shot of Chip’s new look, combined with a sneak peek at a Season 5 reveal involving a sweet looking fire pit:

Speaking of the reveals, avid fans of the show have been up to their usual detective work, and pointed out several spoiler-y Fixer Upper Season 5 updates involving brief peeks at several of the “before” houses. If you don’t want to get even the smallest hint as to which houses might get selected during the upcoming, you’ll want to avert your eyes for the next few photos…

…giving you one more chance to look away…

..OK. Here’s a pair of fun shots taken across the front of one reveal canvas, just before Chip and Joanna pull it apart. The “before” house is narrowly visible, but visible nonetheless:

Another #fixerupper reveal done today!! #almostblewaway #season5iscoming @hgtv

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This photo might be Chip’s side of the reveal above. The houses on the canvas look similar, but it’s tough to tell whether they’re identical. The landscape behind Chip may be the edge of the park we see behind Joanna in the other shots, though they look more like a residential street. Plus, the ones above were both shared on May 4th, and this one is from May 11. It seems safe to assume it’s a different reveal–and it’s a fun shot of Chip in either case 🙂

When work is fun, is it work? @chippergaines #fixerupper #season5iscoming

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This one features a fun look for Joanna, a cool behind-the-scenes feel, and the telling detail of an arched front doorway before the big reveal:

Waiting on the rain. #reveal #fixerupper #season5iscoming @joannagaines

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Finally, it’s impossible to see the reveal canvas in this update, but the rural feel & tall cypresses out front are key details to watch for if you want to set up your own Season 5 “Eureka!” moment:

It's that day again. @chippergaines @joannagaines #fixerupper #season5iscoming

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As for the special guest portion of this Fixer Upper Season 5 update, one name keeps coming up: that of former First Lady Laura Bush. She’s stopped by both the Magnolia Silos and a handful of demos-in-progress over the years, but has yet to make an appearance in a Fixer Upper episode. It’s possible that she’s simply a fan of the show and wanted to get an on-set preview of her own–being Texas’ most recent First Lady does, after all, have its perks:

Finally, viewers will be intrigued to know that Joanna has teased the possibility of an earlier-than-expected debut for Season 5. As we’ve explained before, HGTV’s top-secret formula for Fixer Upper premiere dates tends to be the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s when Season 3 dropped (on December 1, 2015), and it’s when Season 4 got underway (November 29, 2016).

And this year, Thanksgiving falls on November 22, its earliest possible date. So, if HGTV’s formula holds true, we should expect to see the first episode of Fixer Upper Season 5 on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. But Joanna might be telling us that the show is ahead of schedule and looking at earlier dates–or it’s entirely possible she’s just suggesting that a lot of work makes the calendar fly by 😉

(Photo credits: Fixer Upper Season 5 update via Instagram)

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