CONFIRMED Fixer Upper Season 4 start date announced by none other than Chipper Gaines

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After months (and months, and months) of waiting, we now have the Fixer Upper Season 4 start date! None other than Chipper Gaines, still basking in the glow of he and Joanna’s successful second-annual Silobration, took to social media to share the coveted bit of information. We’ve all held our breath for long enough, so let’s cut right to the chase:

Write it down! Set it in stone! The Fixer Upper Season 4 start date is officially Tuesday, November 29th!

On the downside, though, that’s still about six weeks away. What, you might ask, am I supposed to do to get my Chip and Joanna fix before then? (Other than watch Fixer Upper reruns.) Fortunately, there are one or two things:

-You can check out this massive photo gallery of the second Silobration, and start planning your own visit for next year’s shindig.
-You can also check out the list of Fixer Upper homes for rent in the greater Waco area, and see if any of them are available for a little Magnolia Market trip.
-Joanna and Chip have a brand-new lifestyle magazine out; you might bring yourself up to speed on that here.
-We recently unearthed a super old-school commercial for Joanna’s father’s body shop, starring Joanna–watch it here!
-And if you exhaust all other distractions, you can still get yourself set for new Fixer Upper episodes by reading through our very own Season 4 preview right here.

Finally, those of you keeping score at home may notice a pattern emerging here: November 29th is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving this year. And, last year, Fixer Upper Season 3 premiered on December 1st–which was also the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. If HGTV’s marketing strategy holds, you should place your bets on seeing Fixer Upper Season 5 premiere on Tuesday, November 28 😉

(Photo credits: Fixer Upper Season 4 start date via Instagram)

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