Jackie Christie sex tape talk, other bedroom secrets revealed

Jackie Christie sex tape 2

Jackie Christie has always been open about she and husband Doug’s sex life, but she may have dropped an intriguing hint about their amorous activities in a brand-new interview. Jackie recently appeared on Lip Service, the podcast series hosted by Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club, in order to promote Sexual Relations, Jackie’s latest book. The far-reaching interview touched on all the usual questions (like how to keep the flames burning after 21 years of marriage), but regularly veered off into interesting territory.

Here’s the interview in full. The Jackie Christie sex tape bit begins at about the 24:50 mark; we’ve transcribed it beneath the video for your browsing pleasure:

Angela: “Do you guys ever watch porn together?”
Jackie: “Definitely. We definitely watch that, yeah. And it’s amazing. We have tons of videos–”
Angela: “Wait–you have your own videos?”
Jackie: “We have our own; we buy, we order ’em online…”
Gigi: “Where can we find those?” [Laughter]
Angela: “Do you have sex differently when you know you’re filming it?”
Jackie: “We’ve never filmed a sex tape since we’ve been together.”
Gigi: “That’s why, when you said that, it was a joke it was funny but I think that that’s not what you meant.” [More laughter]

It may be tough to tell from the transcript, but in the audio itself it really does sound like Jackie admitted that she and Doug have filmed each other–and that she then thought better of the admission, choosing instead to play it off like that wasn’t what she meant. This isn’t the 80s–it’s not really believable that Jackie felt like she had to explain she and Doug actually own porn (though it’s not entirely unbelievable either). Her firm denial after the mixup–saying that the two of them have “never” filmed anything sexual–also sounds a bit fishy, if only because Jackie isn’t usually so quick to shut down a line of questioning. (This is a woman who checks the scent of her husband’s balls after a long road trip: Jackie Christie is nothing if not thorough.)

Anyway–after that blip, Angela and Gigi both try to convince Jackie to film a sex tape with Doug, so that the two of them could watch each other even when they’re away for a day or two. Jackie isn’t entirely convinced, though: “I’m a mind person,” she says. “It’s all about the mental for me.”

The rest of the interview touches on a whole host of sexual subjects, including Jackie’s Brazilian waxing schedule, technicians getting a little too touchy-feely, role playing, and Jackie’s most memorable sex positions. If you’d like enough material to imagine the Jackie Christie sex tape all by yourself, dim the lights and dive in.

(Photo credits: Jackie Christie sex tape via Instagram)

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