Big Giant Swords Season Two update: When will Discovery air new episodes?

Big Giant Swords Season Two update 3

It’s been awhile since there’s been an official Big Giant Swords Season Two update of any kind, and fans of the Discovery show are a bit antsy to find out whether Irish Mike will be back for more grand televisual adventures. Mike himself isn’t sweating the network’s decision, though: he’s turned himself into a veritable social media machine, and has continued his adventures and experiments netwise!

Big Giant Swords made its debut exactly one year ago today, and the six-episode run was met with both critical and commercial acclaim. Nonetheless, Discovery has kept mum on exactly whether it intends to renew the show. But it hasn’t canceled BGS outright, either, which means that a trip to the show’s schedule page is a sad one indeed. Fans of Irish Mike need not worry, though: the once-reclusive metalworker has become quite the internet sensation, something with which his thousands of Facebook and YouTube followers will agree.

Big Giant Swords Season Two update 1

Mike’s Facebook page is a bit less active than his YouTube account, and we’ll get to why in a minute. There have only been a handful of proper updates to it since Big Giant Swords aired its (so far) final episode on February 24th of last year. In fact, June 19th was the last timeline update; with it, Mike informed fans that he’d set himself up with a Patreon page, in order to support his growing video-creating habit. That update got fans all atwitter, as they, quite understandably, expected another Big Giant Swords Season Two update to follow.

One thing Mike does update pretty regularly on Facebook is his photos. You can check out a variety of swords-in-progress–the current Scrimshaw looks to be a favorite–and the occasional goofball post, like Mike’s response when he got the following letterhead-free, anticlimactic notice from YouTube:

Big Giant Swords Season Two update 4

Irish Mike’s response? “Can you imagine, this was probably printed out by one of Susan’s own secretaries! She might have even been in the same building maybe!”

A little well-placed snark never hurt anyone 😉 And it certainly isn’t hurting Mike on YouTube. Since Big Giant Swords aired, the mad scientist has racked up an impressive 200,000 followers–which also means that the letter above was outdated by the time it was sent (Mike shared the photo in late December of last year). With videos like the one below, it’s easy to understand why–check out Irish Mike’s legitimately epic 2015 Year In Review:

Mike updates YouTube on the regular–for the time being, it’s the best way to keep informed about whatever sword-based projects he’s got going.

Until we get a Big Giant Swords Season Two update from the execs at Discovery, you can follow Irish Mike via social media in a variety of ways:


Michaelcthulhu on Facebook
Michaelcthulhu on Patreon
Michaelcthulhu on YouTube (this is by far Mike’s most frequently updated channel)
@Irishmikeswords on Twitter


(Photo credits: Big Giant Swords Season Two update via Twitter, Facebook)

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