VIDEO Wal-Mart sells out of Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies thanks to viral video review

The Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video sensation has had an immediate and overwhelming effect on demand. Following YouTuber James Wright’s over-the-top video review, Wal-Mart has basically sold out of the sweet treat, and is trying to secure more sweet potatoes to meet demand.

On November 12th, intrepid YouTuber and Washington D.C.-area singer James Wright uploaded “My Review On Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie review” to the video streaming service. The three-minute clip delivers exactly what the title promises, but also features Wright breaking into flambuoyant song at multiple points, delivering multiple high-pitched shout-outs to Patti LaBelle, and in one fan favorite moment, delivering the now-immortal line “It’s hard to get in this motherf*cker, Patti what you seal this b!tch with, Gorilla Glue?”

A transcript of the video would absolutely not do it justice. Kick back and enjoy the three absurd minutes of the Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video:

Since being uploaded, the Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video has been viewed at least two million times–one report on its viral success claims the clip has been watched 8.5 million times. The latter number might be closer to the truth, since it’s now apparently just about impossible to actually get your hands on a Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie. Wal-Marts across the country are reporting massive shortages; most stores appear to be straight-up sold out.

“We are working very hard with our supplier to try and produce more product,” says Kerry Robinson, Wal-Mart’s vice president for bakery and deli. “We’re in the process of securing another two million pounds of sweet potatoes.”

Even more astonishingly, Robinson says that last week, at the peak of the viral frenzy, the chain was selling one Patti pie per second.

As for Wright, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article says he’s been contacted by Patti herself, who reached out with a phone call.


(Photo credits: Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie viral video via YouTube)

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