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We’re about two weeks away from the premiere of Fixer Upper‘s third season, and the big reveals keep coming: Joanna Gaines just confirmed that there is in fact a Fixer Upper bed and breakfast, and that we should expect it to be open very soon indeed!

Devotées will recall our September story on the possibility of a Fixer Upper bed and breakfast, which, at the time, was thought to be a mere hotel. Joanna Gaines dropped a major hint about the possibility of such a thing via an Instagram post in which she showed Chip the (hidden) plans for yet another Fixer Upper surprise, and promised that “you will be able to stay there”:

Fans of the show are increasingly known for their willingness to travel to Waco for all things Fixer Upper; this past summer’s “Miles to Magnolia” campaign was a huge hit for both the show and HGTV in general. So it maybe wasn’t a huge surprise when Joanna followed up that social media tidbit with a mini-reveal just a few hours ago:

While we don’t yet know where exactly the Fixer Upper B&B is in relation to downtown Waco’s brand-new Magnolia Market silos, what’s clear is that there is now no excuse for you to put off that Magnolia road trip you’ve been thinking about 😉

Fixer Upper‘s third season premieres on Tuesday, December 1st, at 9 PM EST on HGTV. If you’re extra eager to get up to speed, click here to check out our preview of the season-long silo project; then, head over to the official Fixer Upper site for a brand-new 50 photo preview slideshow!


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper bed and breakfast via Joanna Gaines on Instagram, Facebook)

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