PHOTOS, VIDEO Joanna and Chip Gaines celebrate the opening of the Fixer Upper silos with a massive #Silobration

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For the Fixer Upper crew, this past weekend marked the end of a year of hard work, hoping, work, planning, praying, hard work–and more hard work! What happened? Joanna and Chip Gaines officially moved their Magnolia Market into the new Magnolia Silos, and celebrated the occasion with a two-day Silobration!

Basically, downtown Waco was a giant Fixer Upper party this past weekend. Severe storms threatened to derail the celebration early on, but the worst of the weather passed Waco by, and, by Sunday, the strongest rains had stopped, as well. A whole host of bands–headlined by Tennessee-based blues duo Johnnyswim–provided musical entertainment; Chip rappelled into the festivities down the side of one of the silos (really!); and, from the looks of things, the whole scene was bursting with energy and good vibes.

So, without further adieu, here’s a photo- and videographic tour of the Silobration highlights!


What a great night. #Silobration #fixerupper #seasonthreeiscoming @chippergaines @joannagaines @johnnyswim

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If you weren’t following the festivities on social media, don’t worry: you can still look forward to the official Fixer Upper rendition of the silobration. Since the whole event was filmed for the show, it’s only a matter of time before we see the Fixer Upper Season Three Silobration episode! And remember–you can catch all-new episodes of Fixer Upper starting December 1st at 9 PM EST.


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper Silobration via Joanna Gaines and Michael Matsumoto on Instagram)

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