Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis addresses pregnancy with photo update

Curtis pregnant

Questions about a Nicole Curtis pregnancy have surrounded the Rehab Addict star since she revealed she was expecting at the end of her show’s sixth season. Then, over the summer, interest peaked when Curtis shared a fake-out photo of her very pregnant self on social media–and she’s been getting pestered with questions about her child ever since. Recently, the reality TV star decided to address all of those questions at once with an image reminding people that privacy is a valuable thing.

The Nicole Curtis pregnancy story really picked up speed this past July, when Curtis shared the above photo of herself on FacebookRehab Addict devotées knew she’d been with child since that show aired its season six finale, but, since then,  there’d been no news…which is part of why Curtis decided to have a little fun with her fans. She captioned the photo with the following:


To answer all your questions -yes! I was asked to be a surrogate –‪#‎lucy ‬decided after all these years she wanted her own pups:) we all kindly ask for privacy and we still say spay or neuter your pets 🙂


Of course, the cheeky social media update did little to stem the tide of questions–some respectful, some downright rude–that Curtis found herself receiving on a daily basis. Now that Rehab Addict has premiered its long-awaited seventh season, the tide has become a deluge, which meant that Curtis had to take to social media once more and remind people that there is such a thing as boundaries.

Which led to the following Facebook update:

Nicole Curtis pregnancy 2

In the caption accompanying the photo, Curtis was both respectful and firm:


unfortunately, over the past few months and with the release of new episodes, I have been bombarded with people demanding information. I appreciate all of you that understand and get it, don’t drink chocolate milk and read some of these comments from those that don’t . God Bless

***please understand there’s a difference between making nasty comments demanding I give information and saying, “we are so happy for you”, etc.

Thank you again to all of you who get my intent to do this in fun, nice way. I’m not sure why I even have to make the request as I was raised to say, If you don’t mind me asking ?:):) And to those posting about me “breeding” dogs? Oh, geez-I’m a dog rescue mom and I support spaying and neutering your pets.


So, to all the gossip hounds out there: pestering Nicole Curtis about her newborn child will only get you a Bob Barker-style lecture on pet health 😉


(Photo credits: Nicole Curtis pregnancy via Facebook)

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