As Fixer Upper’s fourth season comes to a close, Chip and Joanna Gaines look to the future of their Texan empire

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The fourth season of HGTV powerhouse Fixer Upper–also the show’s most successful–comes to a close tonight with a nod to Joanna and Chip’s next big project. The duo recently announced Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, a brand-new spinoff featuring “an in-depth look” at Joanna’s creative process and the design choices she makes for each new Fixer Upper home.

The network’s push makes it clear that Behind the Design isn’t just for Fixer Upper die-hards; rather, it’s an effort to focus more specifically on the little details that go into crafting a house, instead of just the broad strokes of a top-to-bottom demo and reno. It’s the “perfect series,” the network promises, “for viewers who want to know how Joanna Gaines creates her signature home designs and how it all comes together so perfectly—shiplap and all.”

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The show will premiere in November, right alongside Fixer Upper Season 5, but you can catch the first episode tonight at 10 PM, following the Fixer Upper Season 4 finale.

So, other than a brand-new batch of episodes of their first show and a whole new show, what are Chip and Joanna up to? Just being lovey-dovey, as usual:

No word yet on the “New Year’s revelation” that Chip promised at the outset of 2017, back when he and Joanna were embroiled in a mini-scandal involving their Waco pastor’s anti-gay views. Rumors that Fixer Upper will begin to change direction with Season 5 and focus more on families in need have yet to be confirmed–but we’re only eight-ish months away from the premiere.

Reruns of Fixer Upper‘s first four seasons will continue to air, marathon-style, Tuesdays and Saturdays on HGTV.

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