The Property Brothers Yule Log Video will silly up your holiday

Property Brothers Yule Log Video 1

The Property Brothers Yule Log Video is the latest in a long and glorious strain of celebrities doing silly things during custom Yule Log videos, for the entertainment of the greater public. Why, just a few weeks ago, the Nick Offerman Yule Log Video, featuring the impressively bearded Parks and Recreation star sitting in front of a soothing fire, sipping Lagavulin whiskey, took the internet by storm.

And we all know that when Drew and Jonathan Scott get in front of the camera, silly times commence. So you should expect nothing less from the Property Brothers Yule Log Video, which was put together by the good people over at Mashable. Unlike most Yule Log videos, the Property Brothers’ variant places less importance on the fireplace, and more of an emphasis on the shenanigans taking place in front of that blaze of glory. A lot of the video features Drew and Jonathan Scott making sex eyes at you, the viewer, but there’s also a fair bit of tomfoolery, in the form of patty cake, and a squabble over a toy elf.

The Property Brothers Yule Log Video clocks in at a hearty sixty-nine minutes–and does not, contrary to popular rumor, feature full frontal nudity. Check it:

In case you were wondering, yes: it is the same goofy antics repeated every seven minutes on a loop. But the whole purpose of a Yule Log video is to have some semblance of a fireplace on your television in the background when you haven’t got a legitimate fireplace in your living room, so you were going to put the whole thing on repeat anyway. Enjoy, baby.


(Photo credits: Property Brothers Yule Log Video via Instagram)

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