PHOTOS Joseline and Stevie J’s daughter Bonnie Bella is here

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Congratulations are in order for LHHATL star Joseline Hernandez, who welcomed her baby girl into the world just a few days before the end of the year! Bonnie Bella was born on December 28th, and immediately added a touch of sweetness to what can charitably be called one of the turdliest overall years in recent memory. And, despite the near-constant drama between Joseline and baby daddy Stevie J over the past few months–which appeared to culminate a few weeks ago, after Stevie revealed he was in fact Bella’s father, only to have the peace between himself and Joseline shattered 24 hours later when she attacked him in her home–it looks like the two parents have once again been able to put their differences aside, at least for now.

In fact, Joseline and Stevie have both shared teaser photos of Baby Bonnie in their social media feeds. We say “teaser” because neither picture shows Bonnie’s face; Joseline has since explained that she’s saving the close-up in order to do a proper reveal during Special Delivery, her VH1 pregnancy spinoff.

Here’s the first official photo of baby Bonnie, which Stevie shared on Instagram the day after her daughter’s birth:

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It’s notable that Stevie included his own last name, and not Joseline’s, in the photo caption: “Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16.”

And here’s the second photo, courtesy of Joseline, which features a large thumb and a tiny fist and which she captioned “My daughter and my niece?”

Does Joseline Hernandez have a daughter 2

Also, in case you were wondering, Stevie J now has six children with five different women. Click here for our complete list–with photos!–of everyone involved in the man’s increasingly crowded love life.

And lastly: Congratulations to mom and dad! Hopefully the peace between them can last well into the new year at the very least 😉

Special Delivery, Joseline’s pregnancy special, is expected to air in early 2017.

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