VIDEO K. Michelle got high on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, said she wants to lick Sade’s ‘chocolate wife pu$$y’

K Michelle high on Love and Hip Hop

First, K. Michelle admitted she got high AF while filming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this year — and she then doubled down on the scene in question. Not only was K Michelle high on Love & Hip Hop, but she’s since twice claimed while sober that she’d love to go down on Akbar’s wife Sade.

K. Michelle met with Akbar during the LHHH Season 5 finale, sitting down with him over dinner to ask point-blank if the rumors about him leaking Teairra’s sex tape are true. During their meeting, Akbar suggested maybe he and K. Michelle could work together (not a euphemism); he also asked if she would consider becoming another one of his side pieces.

She turned him down, of course But fans noticed that K. Michelle seemed way more mellowed out and spacey than usual during the scene. So of course the woman herself addressed the issue on Instagram, confirming that she’d been “high as sh!t” while the cameras were rolling.

As for Akbar, K. Michelle simply said, “I really just want yo wife! Now that chocolate drop wife is yummy. Hot pocket alert!”

Sade has yet to respond to K. Michelle’s come-on. But she’ll get another chance in a hurry. VH1 has just released a teaser from part two of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, and it features an extended apology from K. Michelle to Teairra — along with another declaration of her feeling about Sade’s “chocolate wife pu$$y.”

Here’s the clip in question; it’s both short and sweet:

“I’m never gonna be in his team of hoes,” K. Michelle tells Teairra. “I’m not finna be that. No, but I like them too — I want to sleep with the chocolate wife. So, if they don’t want to, I will gladly lick her pu$$y. That’s what I’m sayin’. ‘Cause she is my type.”

Oh — and at the end of the clip, K. Michelle says she has to leave the reunion, because she needs to get more edibles. So it’s possible she was high AF during that scene, too.

Part two of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 reunion airs this Monday at 8 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: K Michelle high on Love & Hip Hop via Instagram)

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