When does Home Town come on? Ben & Erin Napier confirm return, preview good times to come

When does Home Town Season 2 come on 2

Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier have to be the hardest working couple on HGTV. First and foremost, they’re busy getting ready for their first child (!) to be born (!!) in two months (?!). And that job is a whole lot of work all by itself! On top of it, though, they’re running the popular Laurel Mercantile–with friends from town, but still–and, you know, keeping up a cramped filming schedule for their TV show.

Given all that, we’ll cut right to the chase. When does Home Town come on? The new episodes were confirmed back in May; now, we have an official premiere date, straight from Erin Napier herself. According to Erin, the date to circle in ink is January 8th, 2018:

That’s right–we’ve got about ten weeks to prepare for Home Town Season 2! If you’re not familiar with the show–or need to catch up–you’re in luck:

-Here’s our primer on how the show works (and how it’s different from other staples of the genre).
-Here’s our FAQ on Ben and Erin Napier: how they met, how they got on TV, and everything in between.
-And here’s the all-important local listings for Home Town itself, via HGTV–which is sure to amp up its Season 1 marathons ahead of Season 2’s January 8, 2018 premiere date.

As far as what we’ll get to see in Season 2, here’s a little sneak peek. Erin has already mentioned that her pregnancy will be a subplot all season long, so it’s likely that we’ll get to see plenty of Ben doing quiet, sweet things for her. Erin recently described some of these in her journal:

From the moment we found out, he’s been so conscious of my every move—so cautious. As it turns out, I do have a condition that puts me at risk for pre-term labor, and his awareness of this has made him into the sweetest protector. He holds my hand, always. He helps me into and out of the tub, tucks an extra pillow under the covers for me to sleep on my side more comfortably, the long talks with her at bedtime, making sure I remember the vitamin every day, bringing me cold water to make sure I’m drinking more, surprising me with fancy grilled cheeses for dinner, laying on the porch swing with me, rocking it gently till we fall asleep and the baby stops her kicking, sitting with me patiently and hugging me tight, smiling through my tears telling me everything is fine and that he loves me when I’m blindsided by these irrational, hormonal crying jags of which I’ve never experienced anything like in my life.

Beyond that? As devotées of Erin’s social media pages know, she and Ben have been renovating their master bathroom over the past few months. That might not sound like much, but it’s clearly become a borderline obsession for Erin — and, in fairness to her, it is a really nice bathroom 🙂 It’s possible that we’ll see a bit more of that particular journey, perhaps for comedy’s sake:

Y'all. It's so close. I almost have a bathroom again. ?? (ps–it's Caldwell Green!)

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As you might expect, there’s sure to be plenty of fine craftsmanship — and attention to much-appreciated detail — from Ben:

Prettiest floors I've ever laid. #iLoveGettingCreative #HGTVHomeTownS2

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Along with a whole new set of custom, welcome-home watercolors from Erin:

Basically, fans should expect the same kind of über-cozy show we were treated to with Season 1, but this time with a baby included. In short, it should be marvelous!

Set your calendars and tell your friends: Home Town Season 2 premieres Monday, January 8th, 2018, on HGTV.

(Photo credits: When does Home Town come on via Instagram)

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