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Did Sweet Home Sextuplets use fertility drugs? Courtney Waldrop’s 1-in-5-billion pregnancy, explained

The odds of conceiving sextuplets naturally are almost too astronomical to consider. So did Sweet Home Sextuplets use fertility drugs? And which drugs did they use? Alabama mom and TLC reality star Courtney Waldrop explains how she came to be pregnant with six children at once — and reveals a ton of fascinating details about her pregnancy and her sextuplets’ delivery!

HAUNTED LIVE TWC reveals next location ahead of new episode: Cragfont history, ghost sightings, and more

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers just wrapped up a semi-impromptu Facebook Live event by unexpectedly pulling back the curtain on their next top-secret location! Read on for a full breakdown ahead of the Haunted Live Cragfont episode, including explainers on the Cragfont ghosts and why the mansion is infamously known as "the Mount Everest of haunted spots in Tennessee."

What The Nun actress looks like in real life!

The Nun, the latest installment in The Conjuring franchise, is currently killing it at the box office. The reviews are somewhat mixed, but they don’t really matter if audiences are having a good time. Part of the movie’s allure, of course, is the creepy, spooky namesake nun character who’s really a demon in disguise. The actress who portrays The Nun has been scaring audiences for decades — and has even played a nun before!

HAUNTED LIVE Octagon Hall’s paranormal history, death list, and ghost hunt highlights

Haunted Live's debut episode highlighted one of the most curious and oft-investigated paranormal sites in the state of Kentucky, if not the entire south. Octagon Hall's extensive history (and its notorious death list) were too much for a single hour of already ghost hunt-packed television to cover, so we thought we'd hit a few of the highlights for your paranormal pleasure!

LHHH Apple Watts’ profile reveals what she really wants in a man

Breakout Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Apple Watts may be off the pole and keeping her sights on the music business, but she's still looking for financial security wherever she can get it. Case in point: her recently unearthed profile, in which Apple Watts age and real name are revealed -- along with Apple's frank talk on what it's going to take for a man to make her happy.

PHOTOS VIDEOS Is the Guy’s Grocery Games set a real store? What happens to the food after filming?

The Guy’s Grocery Games set is just as much a character on the show as host Guy Fieri himself. Producers went to extreme lengths to make the set look like an authentic grocery store — but it is it the real deal? And what happens to the food when the show is done taping? We’ve got all the answers you seek, plus a *ton* of behind-scenes-info on how the show actually works!

PHOTOS LHHH The Apple Watts transgender gossip is literal fake news

One of the most persistent rumors about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood breakout star Apple Watts is that she is transgender, or that she used to be a man. We’ve discovered the source of these false implications, and put together an extensive Apple Watts before and after photo and video gallery to show Apple as she really…

VIDEO Apple Watts dancing for Tyga in the club, plus throwback stripping pics

We've managed to unearth a few rare videos and pics of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Apple Watts' stripping days, including a highlight montage of Apple Watts dancing for Tyga -- with at least a half-dozen of her co-workers! Also included: A helpful video tutorial explaining exactly how Apple got her "Bottle Girl" nickname ;)