Director Christopher Nolan doesn’t have a cell phone or email address


These days it seems impossible to imagine life without a cell phone, but what about living without an email address? How would we play Candy Crush? Would we start mailing pictures of our lunch to our friends? Director Christopher Nolan has simplified his life by rejecting the digital tools that are integral to the way the rest of us communicate, work, and entertain ourselves.

The 44-year-old Interstellar told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s never had an email address “because I don’t find it would help me with anything I’m doing. I just couldn’t be bothered about it.”

As for not having a cellphone, it’s not that he doesn’t ever benefit from them, it’s just that he doesn’t have his own, personal one. “I’m never [more than] two feet from a cellphone. I mean, we’ll be on a scout with 10 people and all of them have phones, so it’s very easy to get in touch with me when people need to. When I started in this business, not many people had cellphones, I didn’t have one, I never bothered to get one and I’ve been very fortunate to be working continuously, so there’s always someone around me who can tap me on the shoulder and hand me a phone if they need to.”

One benefit from this practically technology-free lifestyle is that he doesn’t have to worry much about his emails or photos getting hacked.

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