Ryan Edwards’ April arrest, marriage, and rehab timeline raises a lot of questions

Ryan Edwards arrest timeline

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards’ explanation for her husband Ryan Edwards’ arrest on Tuesday seems to raise more questions than it answers.

Ryan was arrested on Tuesday in Red Bank, Tennessee after a petition to revoke his probation was issued by a judge. For Teen Mom fans (and bloggers) the news was shocking for two reasons: Ryan was arrested, and he was apparently arrested before and no one knew about it!

Mackenzie Edwards later spoke with Radar Online and confirmed that Ryan was arrested for heroin possession in April.

“Possession of heroin was the original charge from April before he went to rehab,” Mackenzie said. She then assured everyone that Tuesday’s booking was nothing to be concerned about. “Part of his case was he had to be booked. Everything is fine.” As far as whether or not Ryan is currently sober, Mackenzie says “he took a drug test yesterday and passed.”

OK, so Ryan was arrested for heroin possession in April. I exercised my celebrity blogger sleuth muscles, but could find no record of any arrest for Ryan online — aside from a couple of traffic violations for speeding and reckless driving in 2016. Clearly, if he is currently on probation, then the case could not have been expunged for any reason, right? I’m genuinely amazed both that his arrest went unnoticed and that I can’t find out anything about it now that we know it happened!

The April arrest throws a bit of a monkey wrench into Mackenzie’s former timeline of events. In her now-infamous open letter to Maci McKinney during last Season’s Teen Mom OG Reunion, Mackenzie expressed her outrage at Maci for not telling her sooner that Ryan had a drug problem. Here’s is Mackenzie’s full open letter:

Mackenzie Edwards open letter to Maci McKinney Teen Mom OG Reunion with Dr. Drew

“I had only known about it for two days before Ryan was walking into treatment,” Mackenzie said of Ryan’s drug problem.

Ryan reportedly entered a rehab facility on May 16. That was one day after his “secret” wedding, which we were the first to report took place on May 15.

So what this means is that Ryan was arrested in April, had a rush marriage on May 15, and entered rehab on May 16. And yet Mackenzie claims that she didn’t even know Ryan had a drug problem until the day before her wedding at the earliest? The only way that makes sense is if she didn’t know about Ryan’s arrest either. That seems REALLY hard to believe — especially if his rehab stay was a result of a plea deal with his heroin arrest.

If Mackenzie really didn’t know about Ryan’s arrest, and he sprung the news on her two days before having to go to rehab, then I would have to think the wedding was some sort of gesture of good will towards Mackenzie. Perhaps Mackenzie gave him an ultimatum? Then again, there are other legal issues involved — including the custody of two children — so who knows?

There is SOOOOO much going on here that we’re not being told. I’m guessing that the news of Ryan’s April arrest will have legal researchers more qualified than me on the case, and we will know a little more about the specific date and circumstances of Ryan’s arrest soon, so stay tuned.

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