TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards released from jail early, returns to court August 6

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards mug shot arrest

Teen Mom OG Ryan Edwards dad was arrested on July 23 for breaking probation by missing a court date in May stemming from a prior heroin possession arrest. He was being held without bond with his next court date scheduled for August 6. And a spokesperson for the Hamilton County Jail revealed to Radar Online that Ryan would remain in jail until his court date next week — but online records indicate he is no longer in custody.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department no longer lists Ryan as an active inmate, and Vinelink has updated his status to “out of custody.”

Even though it appears as though Ryan is out of jail for now, he may be returning soon — and for quite a while. This is not Ryan’s first probation violation, mening his 11-month, 29-day suspended sentence is at risk of being reinstated.

“Usually in this state we do try to send people to treatment for when they’re found with drugs,” Nashville-based criminal defense attorney Ben Raybin told Hollywood Life. “But a lot of times once they’ve given them multiple chances, like in this case where Ryan is violating probation, then at that point sometimes the judge says enough is enough and says they are going to jail and at that point they can put all the offender’s sentences into effect.”

Mr. Raybin stated that Ryan was facing up to 2 1/2 years max behind bars, but I think that was going on the assumption that his most recent arrest was for heroin possession and not just for breaking probation. It sounds as though Ryan is still at risk of serving out the 364-day suspended sentence, depending on what the judge says.

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UPDATE – It has since been confirmed that Ryan was released from jail just after 1AM Tuesday morning. Radar Online claims that Ryan has been sentenced, but judging from what the Hamilton County Jail spokesperson told them, it sounds as though he has not received a new sentence yet, merely that the pre-existing suspended sentence (with probation and community service) is still in place until his hearing on August 6:

“The first count of simple possession of heroin – petition to revoke has been dismissed,” the spokesperson explained. “For the second count of possession of heroin – petition to revoke, he was given 11 months and 29 days suspended sentence.” Edwards must complete six months of probation and five public work days.

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I should also note that the City Judge for the town of Red Bank, where Ryan was arrested, is a family friend whose son was a groomsman at Ryan’s second wedding to Mackenzie. It’s unclear if he will be involved with Ryan’s hearing in any way.

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