Maci files protective order against Ryan Edwards for herself, Bentley, Jayde and Maverick

Maci McKinney files for protective order against ex Ryan Edwards after heroin arrest

The fallout continues after troubled Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was arrested on Tuesday for a probation violation stemming from a previous heroin possession charge. In the latest development it has been revealed that Ryan’s ex Maci McKinney has filed for a protective order against Ryan!

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the news about the protective order moments ago, and I was able to track down the filing online. According to the Hamilton County website, the protective order will go before Judge Jeffrey Hollingsworth early in the afternoon on Monday, April 2. In addition to Maci, the filing also includes all of her children: Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick.

Maci would have had to list the specific reasons that she felt she and her family needed protection from Ryan, but that information is not available via online resources. I would assume that if Ryan was indeed using heroin again, then that could be reason enough to file.

As far as what it means to have a protective order in place in the state of Tennessee, here are the details from — note that Maci would be the Petitioner and Ryan the Respondent:

An Order of Protection protects communication or contact with the Petitioner in any kind of form or fashion. Even if the Petitioner contacts the Respondent, the Respondent is not allowed to contact you back. If the Petitioner shows up where the Respondent is, even if the Respondent was there first, the Respondent has to leave. For every contact the Respondent has with the Petitioner when an Ex Parte Order of Protection or a regular Order of Protection is in place, the Respondent faces a possible 10 days in jail for every single contact. If the Respondent has an Order of Protection in place against them, and they call the Petitioner 10 times, the Respondent can potentially go to jail for 100 days. Scary stuff.

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards arrest mug shot 2018

It’s unclear if MTV will be filming the court hearing on Monday — or even if they have been filming this week.

Of course, none of this sounds good for Ryan. I feel confident that legally not being able to see Bentley would crush him. I’m going to remain optimistic and hope that this is something Maci is doing in order to motivate Ryan to seek help by checking himself back into rehab or something similar. I also have hopes that Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry are working with her on it.

And, if you have seen a single episode of Intervention, then you know that this cannot just be a threat from Maci — she has to be willing to follow through. What a genuinely awful situation for everyone. Heroin SUCKS! (Please remember, most of these paragraphs is just hopeful speculation on my part in what appears to be a nearly hopeless situation.)

We will continue to update as we learn more.

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