TEEN MOM Mackenzie Edwards gives birth to son Jagger while Ryan remains in rehab REPORT

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards gives birth to son Jagger

We have a new addition to the Teen Mom family as Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Edwards reportedly gave birth to their first child together, son Jagger Ryan Edwards, on Tuesday, October 9!

Mackenzie was due at any moment, and rumors of the birth began to spread like wildfire Tuesday after Ryan’s mother Jennifer shared the simple tweet “Blessed!!” early in the AM hours. Radar Online has since spoken with an “insider” that confirms Mackenzie gave birth to Jagger just after midnight after being induced on Monday.

According to the site’s source, Jagger arrived via natural child birth and weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

As previously reported, Ryan is currently in a rehabilitation facility in Alabama for an extended stay, and he will reportedly remain in treatment until February or March. As a result, he was not present for Jagger’s birth.

“Mackenzie’s mom Terran and dad Bobby were at the hospital,” Radar’s insider says. “Ryan’s mom Jen and dad Larry were also there.” The source reveals that Jagger’s older brothers, Bentley and Hudson (Mackenzie’s son from a previous marriage), have been to the hospital and met their new sibling.

It was previously reported that Mackenzie has moved out of her house with Ryan and moved back in with her parents while he is away in rehab, and Radar says that Mackenzie will be returning to her parents’ home with Jagger when they are released from the hospital.

Congratulations to Mackenzie and Ryan! And not just for the new addition, but also for Ryan’s apparent commitment to getting long-term treatment and hopefully turning his life around to the point that he is able to be a good father to Jagger and a good husband for Mackenzie. It’s hard to get your hopes up given Ryan’s history, which is the case with any person who has a similar history of drug addiction, but the fact that he has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for upwards of six months is probably the first legitimate sign that he is committed to recovery.

I want to end this post with an excerpt from our article commending Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry for being so open and honest about their struggles dealing with Ryan’s addiction in front of the Teen Mom cameras. This is a brief recap of an emotional scene in which the couple talk about Ryan’s recent (at the time) month-long stint in rehab:

Larry: “I love the fact that if [Ryan] calls me or I call him, and he’s on the phone, I can understand every word that he says. I love it. And for the thirty days he was in rehab, it was the best I’ve ever felt because I knew he was gonna be OK. I knew that I wasn’t going to get a call and somebody tell me that I needed to come to the hospital, or whatever.”

Ryan Edwards dad Larry quote

As Larry talks, tears begin to flow for him, Jen, the producer, and this writer — yet again. Trying to comprehend the relief of knowing your child was going to be OK after YEARS of not knowing EVERY DAY is pretty much impossible to understand for those of us lucky enough to have not experienced it ourselves, but Larry got me pretty damn close.

“That’s scary,” Larry says of the worried days prior to Ryan entering rehab. “That’s scary.”

“I wonder every day — my guard’s always up,” Jen says about her worries for Ryan, as she continues to wipe tears away. “I’m always looking for signs of something. I don’t want something to happen and think I could have done something different.”

Larry then explains that of course he and Jen knew that “something was going on” with Ryan. “We knew that. But any time we confronted him there was two things that happened: One, there was an argument. And two, he would leave…We’re not stupid, and we’re not naive. Now, we have a few more things to kind of educate us a little bit and see, you know, what the signs are. But we had no idea what Ryan’s triggers were. Didn’t have a clue.”

Larry reveals that they have since learned what some of Ryan’s triggers are before revealing that the two main ones are when his mother Jen gets upset and when someone uses his son Bentley.

“He hates it if I’m sad or upset,” Jen says, and by now it’s more than just tears — she is obviously in a great a deal of pain. “And so I have to hold it together, which is hard.”

“You make her cry, it’s a trigger,” Larry says. “You use Bentley, it’s a trigger. So you can imagine how many triggers we’ve been fighting here lately. Yeah, it’s been tough.”

Larry then comes to the defense of his son. “But I will tell you this, I know he loves Bentley. Has he been there all the time and all that? No. But I know one thing, I know he loves him. It’s been tough. And Ryan is all we have. That is all we have. He’s ours. And we love Ryan. Always have. Always will.”

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