Jenelle Evans criticizes MTV for not showing the David & Babs fun times

Jenelle Evans Barbara David Eason Uber dinner date

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans continues to insist that her life isn’t just the perpetual loop of screaming, fighting, break ups, and arrests that viewers see on the show, and she places the blame for the inaccuracy squarely on the shoulders of MTV editors.

In her latest complaint against her employer, Jenelle points out that she and fiance David Eason aren’t always at odds with her mother Barbara Evans, and as evidence she shared a flashback post to that one time they all took and Uber ride together for a dinner date.

“Of course MTV never showed the night me, David, and my mom all went out without any kids and had a great time,” Jenelle captioned the Facebook Memories post from a year ago. “They would never want to show the three of us getting along. ?”

One commenter offered up the observation that Babs doesn’t necessarily look like she’s having a great time. “Ya’ll look happy and she looks like she’s giving him the look, lol,” she wrote. Jenelle responded by revealing, “No she was explaining a huge story lmao.”

The Uber dinner date is a great moment to look back on, but personally I’m really looking forward to the one-year anniversary of this photo featuring Captain Babs, Jenelle, and David’s daughter Maryssa!

Barbara Evans boat captain

That was from last July I believe. To Jenelle’s credit, I don’t remember seeing that on Teen Mom 2 either. (Is that the boat that Jenelle supposedly bought David?)

So what do you think — is MTV giving us a heavily edited, overly negative look at Jenelle’s life?

While you ponder that over, here is a little “caption this” challenge that will most assuredly not turn out well:

Jenelle Evans Barbara David Eason caption this

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