Jenelle Evans is taking Barbara Evans to court to petition for custody of Jace


Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is taking mom Barbara Evans to court in an effort to regain custody of Jace.

“Barbara didn’t take her seriously, but then when Barbara finally got served last week, she got mad,” a source very close to Jenelle told Radar Online, shortly after Jenelle tweeted it was “time to tell it all.”

Although Barbara and Jenelle’s relationship has been tested through the years, the mother and daughter seemed to be in a better place by the end of the last Teen Mom 2 season when Babs conceded it might be time to begin transferring custody back to Jenelle. However, the source said Barbara kept coming up with reasons to keep Jace away from Jenelle.

“Barbara’s excuses keep changing,” the source said. “[Jenelle] used to pick him up from school and he would sleep over, but that hasn’t happened in over a month.”

The source said many of those issues go back to Barbara’s disapproval of Nathan Griffith’s drinking habits. (The feelings are mutual.) However, the insider said Jenelle and Nathan “only drank one time since they’ve been back” from their engagement trip and believe Barbara is just using that as an excuse.

Still, the final straw came when Jace said Barbara told him to call her mom. The source said that made Jenelle “furious” — especially when she confronted her mom and Barbara stood her ground.

Now the pressure is really on, as Barbara apparently threatened to keep Jace from Jenelle until the disagreement is sorted out in court.

“When Jenelle asked last week why she couldn’t see Jace, Barbara said, ‘Well, you’re taking me to court, aren’t you? Alright then, you aren’t seeing Jace’ — then she hung up on Jenelle.”

Jenelle and Barbara are reportedly scheduled to appear in court next month to hash everything out.

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