Top 10 Barbara ‘Babs’ Evans Starcasm moments

Top 10 Babs Evans Starcasm moments

Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of Teen Mom 2, and we thought we would take the opportunity to pay tribute by looking back at some of our favorite moments covering the show’s break out star–Jenelle’s mom, Barbara “Babs” Evans.

We’ll kick things off with a tribute montage put together by MTV to get you in the Babs spirit:


10. Babs and the Teen Mom 2 cast sing Pharrell’s “Happy”

UPDATE – It appears as though JibJab has disabled their embeds? #wompwomp 🙁

This is the only video in the countdown, given our weak video editing skills. Thankfully, Jib Jab doesn’t require much skill at all! We actually created the clip in honor of the Season 5b premiere last July and it also features Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer Calvert Messer. But, as usual, the real star is Babs:

Barbara Evans in Pharrell's Happy music video

Oh, and the video is MUCH MUCH better if you watch it in full screen mode.

9. The Babselorette
The Babselorette Barbara Babs Evans as The Bachelorette

This is from our post in which we tried to come up with the three most likely Teen Mom 2 grandparent spin-off shows. Here’s the description of The Babselorette from the post:

25 young, eligible, hunky bachelors compete for the hand of Barbara “Babs” Evans in this reality romance competition inspired by ABC’s The Bachelorette. The group travels to exotic locales as Babs slowly whittles down her suitors amidst romantic dates and Franzia wine chugging contests. The show ends with a proposal from the luckiest man in the world just before he is introduced to Jenelle. This will be the highest rated show in television history.

CLICK HERE to check out our show ideas for Momma Dawn and Dr. Randy Houska!

8. Babs Evans the restaurant
Babs Evans restaurant inspired by Bob Evans

Need a place where you can get doughboys and red wine? We’ve got the restaurant for you! Or would that be restahrahnt?

(If you’ve never heard of the Bob Evans restaurant chain, then this one probably doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

7. Babsercise
Barbara Evans Babsercise exercise video

You can’t spell Babs without abs! This retro workout video was inspired by a real video of Barbara’s workout advice posted by Jenelle last July. Here’s how we promoted it at the time:

Are you looking to work off those extra dough boys you ate last night? Are those wine calories adding up fast? Is it hard to get to the gym because of all those legal issues? Worry no more because Teen Mom 2‘s Barbara “Babs” Evans has got your back — and your legs, and your arms, and your abs…

6. Barbara Fett
Barbara Fett Babs Evans and Boba Fett Star Wars mash up

I actually found this while searching my hard drive and I just assumed it was part of our Teen Mom 2 Star Wars mash ups, but it’s not there. So I guess it is an outtake exclusive to this post! (How the heck did we not include Barbara Fett in our Teen Mom 2 Star Wars post?!?) However, we did include one Babs-inspired image in that post:

Yoda Kieffer Delp Barbara Evans

5. Babs and Javi
Barbara Babs Evans and Javi Marroquin hugging

This was a wonderful photo taken of Babs and Javi together at one of the reunion tapings. All we did was remove the background, and add a few fireworks–plus the message “Welcome Home Javi” in honor of his return after being away from home due to military obligations.

4. Babs on a Plane
Teen Mom 2's Barbara Evans and grandson Jace starring in Babs On A Plane with Samuel L. Jackson

All it took was one fun and seemingly innocent photo of Babs and Jace on a plane together headed to New York City for a Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping for us to be inspired and get Samuel L. Jackson involved. (A part of me really wanted this to be Number One, but it’s just so random and silly I couldn’t justify it.)

3. Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover
Kim Kardashian Kanye West  Vogue cover Jenelle's mom Barbara Babs Evans and Mike

We took one of the most talked-about, iconic magazine covers of the modern era, and made it even more talk-aboutable and iconicer! This image really made the rounds on the internet, popping up on MTV, The Stir, WetPaint and more. (Probably not as many sites as the original Kimye cover, but still…)

2. Babs the rapper

Jenelle Evans' mom Barbara Babs Evans as a rapper

This is by far our most popular Babs Evans image ever, and it has not only popped up again and again in our own posts (in various ways), but also in other online memes and videos. We originally created it for a post about Andrew Lewis, Jace’s father, who had uploaded a rap video dedicated to Jace. Of course, we thought it would be funny if Babs made her own rap video in response to Andrew, and the rapping Babs photo was born.

Here’s one example of how we repurposed the image:

Oh, and we wrote an actual rap song for Babs in response to Andrew! Check it out:

Oh muh Gahd
if it ain’t Andrew
With all of Juhnelle’s boyfriends
I done forgaht about you.

You tahlkin crap now
but where were yah then?
When Jace needed a daddy
yah wah passed out ahn gin!

Yah ain’t nothin but ah boozah!
a deadbeat loozah!
Oh and by the way,
Yah rap sahng is ah snooozah!

Me and Jace are ahlright
We don’t need yah around
So stay down in Flahriduh
and put the microphone down!

If you comin’ to NC
Yah bettah pray to the heavens
Cahs your abaht to be destroyed
Yah frickin f***in’ with Babs Evans!


1. The Babs Evans Interview

BAbs Evans Inside the Actors' Studio What is your favorite word? Frig

No, we didn’t actually get to interview the real Barbara Evans, but we did interview the hysterical Twitter sensation @BabsEvansMTV! Truly an honor.

Be sure to see Babs and the rest of the Teen Mom 2 crew when they return tonight (and every Thursday night) at 10/9c on MTV!

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