INTERVIEW Jenelle Evans on Nathan, Barbara, and having more kids

Jenelle Evans kissing Kaiser Facebook interview

In Jenelle Evans’ Teen Mom 2 segments, and in real life, there never seems to be a dull moment, and this season is no exception. Both on screen and off there are sooo many questions left unanswered! Is her relationship with Nathan still on the rocks? How are things between her and Babs? Before the premiere of Thursday’s episode, Jenelle answered some of those questions in a live Facebook Q&A session with fans.

Question: How did it feel having to tell your mom on the phone you and Nathan got engaged?
Jenelle: I knew I had to tell her eventually and figured she wouldn’t be happy but tried. At least I didn’t keep it a secret from her this time, LOL.

Hey Jenelle, are you and Nathan getting married?
We aren’t rushing anything right now. We are going to stay engaged for at least a year before planning a wedding. If we are going to be together forever, no need to jump into a marriage right away!

How is your relationship with Nathan now since you stopped filming?
Our relationship will never be perfect, but we do love each other and take things day by day.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith

Will you ever get along with your mom?
She has a weird way of showing her love, LOL. Every day is different with her.

Will your mom ever accept that you and Nathan are getting married?
I honestly don’t think she would ever agree.

Why is your mom afraid of giving Jace back to you?
She’s concerned about Nathan and I.

Is your mom any more open to giving you Jace?
Yes, I get him every weekend as usual even though the custody case is still currently open.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans with sons Kaiser and Jace

You’re less argumentative and angry now than in the earlier years. What do you do to keep that anger at bay? And why do you think your mom doesn’t try to do the same?
I think I have given up arguing back with people. Of course when I hit my boiling point I might snap like any other human being, but I have learned to not to try to take things to heart.

I don’t know why my mom gets in the moods she gets in but she does what she wants regardless of what you try to suggest to her.

How many kids do you want?
Just one more, hopefully a girl. It would be nice but not anytime soon! I have Nexplanon implant birth control for 2 more years!

Are you ready for another baby?

Is it hard being in the spotlight and trying to live a normal life?
Very hard. You always have a target on your back whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, but I’m very happy to be able to share my story with others so they can also relate.

Jenelle, you’ve been through many challenges, what’s the most difficult one you’ve had to face?
Honestly I can’t choose one. There’s many mistakes I have made but learned from every single one of them.

Where do you see you and your family in 5 years?
Hopefully buy a house, married, and graduated as a surgical technician.

Watch how the drama unfolds this season by tuning in to Teen Mom 2, airing Thursdays on MTV at 10/9c.

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