Does Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara Evans have a drinking problem?


Teen Mom gears up July 16 for the second part of season two and the drama-filled trailer includes a fight between Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan and her mom Barbara in which Nathan accuses her of being an alcoholic. He’s lashing out because both Jenelle and Barbara are confronting him about his binge drinking. Is this true? Does Barbara Evans have a problem with alcohol?

A two-year-old Reddit AMA with a former Teen Mom 2 camera man supports this accusation. “Barbra does indeed have the worst voice besides being a wino,” the cameraman wrote. He later deleted all of his answers, but they had already been copied, pasted, and later published on Of course, just like Nathan’s accusation, it’s just an offhand comment and not a serious and concerned conversation.

Barbara has been taking care of Jenelle’s first child Jace since he was born and has had legal custody of him for about as long, so she’s been the most stable adult in his life. His mom Jenelle has struggled with drug addiction throughout his life, but seems to be doing much better recently. She just gave birth to her second son, Kaiser, with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

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