VIDEO New Teen Mom 2 Season 5 sneak peek: Post-abortion tension between Jenelle and Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans - Barbara Evans - Teen Mom 2 Season 5

It’s officially T-minus six hours until the Teen Mom 2 season five premiere! In case you can’t wait until then, here’s a little taste of what we’re all in for…

Diving right in with this one, the sneak peek shows Jenelle talking about getting an abortion, Jace saying the F-word and another classic Jenelle vs. Barbara fight.

To begin with, Jenelle explained in a voiceover she took one “abortion pill” at the clinic and was released once the doctors were sure she was ok.

“I’m so aggravated… Tomorrow I have to put two pills on one side of my cheek, two pills on the other side of my cheek, let them dissolve for an hour,” Jenelle told her mom, Barbara Evans. “If they don’t dissolve by an hour, I have to swallow them. And then they said my uterus will start contracting and releasing it like it’s a miscarriage.”

At that point, Jace interrupted the conversation by demanding cookies. Barbara told him no, but that didn’t set well with Jace, who loudly said “f**k.”

Jenelle and Barbara both reprimanded him, but Jace seemed to think it was pretty hilarious, so he said the curse word again. Jenelle then went to get a bar of soap to wash Jace’s mouth out. By the time she got back, Jace didn’t think it was so funny anymore…

Jenelle - Jace F-Bomb

Jenelle didn’t end up scrubbing out Jace’s mouth, but she did give a parenting lesson to Babs: “Just saying no is not going to work, Mom.”

Barbara and Jenelle then went back to abortion talk, but Jace remained rambunctious — causing Jenelle to say she needed a break from her mom and son.

“I’m just like, dude, if it’s not you, it’s Jace. If it’s not Jace, it’s you,” Jenelle said, leading Barbara to say she should have just given her the cash and let her deal with the abortion on her own. Jenelle said she would be more thankful if Barbara “wasn’t such a b**ch.” (Hmm, wonder where Jace learns his vocabulary.) Babs — who just watched her daughter get an abortion — began to tear up… And that’s just in a 2:34 clip!

Tune in to the Teen Mom 2 premiere on MTV tonight at 10/9c!

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