Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans says he is depressed, has ‘deadly’ infection in concerning posts

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Eason's brother Colin Evans Facebook posts about depression, deadly infection, and MK Ultra RFID chip implant

Teen Mom 2 viewers were introduced to Jenelle Eason’s brother Colin Evans on the last season of the show. He was living with their mother Barbara Evans at the time, and the mother and son had multiple conversations about Jenelle, Jace, and Jenelle’s relationship with husband David Eason. Barbara revealed in an “Unseen Moments” special that Colin is on disability, and Colin stated on Facebook that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after suffering years of sexual abuse at the hands of his father.

It appears that Colin is continuing to struggle, as evidenced by several very concerning Facebook posts made over the past couple months. In addition to claiming that he had a microchip implanted under his skin as part of the government’s MK-Ultra program, Colin also stated that he was was suffering from depression and a “deadly bladder serious infection.”

In January, Colin posted a photo of what looks to be the section of his hand at the base of his thumb and index finger. There appears to be a small puncture to the skin, and Colin claims in the caption that the wound is from where he removed an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. Here is the photo and Colin’s caption:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle's brother Colin Evans RFID chip MK Ultra

Its been 1 week since I cut out my RFID chip I was forced to have under MK Ultra my military personal in prison in 2017 yall say I’m f**kin crazy well your all wrong….

Colin is asked in the comments what he did with the chip, and he says that he “destroyed it with a heat gun” and “then got rid of it.” He later adds that the location where he disposed of it is confidential.

In February, Colin shared another status update in which he states that he is suffering from a potentially “deadly” infection:

Well it looks like I have 1 month to live if this deadly bladder serious infection does not go away in a month I hope everyone on facebook Rembers me as a great loving person that loved my life in my young life as a uncle and a great leader to all my friends and family I really I hope i see all of y’all in heaven event all my family members that don’t care about me that I really cared about no matter what happend to me in life mental and physically and emotionally cause i loved every one I know in my life and i really was starting to love my new sober life with every thing i earned to achieve positive to change my life I’m gonna really miss doing to change my beautiful life I’m was in so please every one please pray for me to live and not die I love all of you all on here and i guess now my life is now with god and Jesus Christ my real father in my life……

It’s unclear whether or not Colin’s physical ailments got better, but a post earlier this month indicates that mentally he was in a lot of pain as he expressed his overwhelming feelings of loneliness after being left by his girlfriend:

Feelin so deppressed tonight I just want to have someone to hold and tell me that every thing is ok and tell me that I’m loved and ask me how was my day and to love me forever and ever by my side cause i feel so alone that I cry my self to sleep every night hoping my gf will come back to my arms and love me like i was never loved before and to tell me thing so great that I can finally smile again and so i can stop crying my self to sleep wishing I can see her more and spend more time with me cause i never had no one ever love me that much ever in my life I’m so tired of being cheated lied too and used just because of my family’s fame on tv…..

Jenelle talked bout Colin in her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom. She described her brother as “developmentally challenged” and she recalled a time when nine-year-old Colin set his toy car on fire in his upstairs bedroom before freaking out and then tossing the car on the bed. Jenelle says Colin came running downstairs, but it was too late to stop the spread of flames and the family had to evacuate.

From our previous post about Colin:

Soon after that incident, Colin was sent away to a group home in Texas for nearly two years. Barbara Evans spoke with People about Colin in July of last year, and she says that he was in and out of mental health facilities since he was 6 years old. “I had to do what I had to do because he could not live in that house, he was dangerous,” Barbara said of sending Colin away for help. “He burnt my house down when he was 10. We’d only been living in the residence for six months. Six months and he burnt the house down.”

Barbara iterated that the fire “wasn’t intentional — it was an accident. But still, it was a tough life. Tough life,” she said.

It doesn’t look a though Colin is still living with Barbara and Jace. He has uploaded numerous photos and videos over that past five months that appear to show his residence, and they do not look like Barbara’s house. And speaking of Barbara, the most recent photo of Colin on her Instagram account is from December of 2017.

Barbara shot several Teen Mom 2 scenes this season after Jenelle refused to film, but in those scenes she talked to a producer and a member of crew security — not Colin.

Just as his mom Barbara told People, Colin has obviously had a tough life. I recently did a post about how Barbara helped her other daughter Ashleigh buy a house in the midst of Ashleigh’s bitter custody battle, and I was reminded that we only see a fraction of a third of what she deals with as a parent day to day. It seems Ashleigh is finally finding some stability in her life — I hope Colin is able to do the same.

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