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Teen Mom 2 Babs Evans I'm Vapin' Now

Here are all of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 episode 3 preview clips for Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea and Kail! This week we have Leah’s reaction to losing primary custody of the twins, Adam Lind posting an inappropriate photo of Aubree online, Kail talking with Isaac about an argument he overheard, and Babs meeting Jenelle’s new boyfriend, David Eason!

Of course we’re going to start with Babs seeing Jenelle with her new boooyfriieeeeend!

“Jenelle introduces David to Barbara”

Jenelle arrives at Casa de Babs with her sons Kaiser and Jace, boyfriend David, and David’s daughter Maryssa. Babs gets right to bein’ Babs after Jace asks if he and Maryssa can go in the back yard. “You can go show her the playhouse,” Babs says, “but you got to watch for poops out there.” (Yet another metaphor for life from Babs!)

Meanwhile, back in the house, Babs hilariously reveals that she is now vapin’ before Jenelle finally introduces her tall new beau. “This is David,” Jenelle says as the two say hello to each and go in for a hug. “I’m so tiny,” says Babs as she’s dwarfed by David in an embrace.

“So, now this I guess is getting to be serious?” Babs asks about Jenelle and David. “You gettin’ along good?”

“Yeah,” says Jenelle. “We get along fine.”

“Well,” starts Babs, “one thing I have to say with Jenelle is she’s very, ummm — a generous person. She’s very good like that.”

“She’s very caring,” mumbles David without looking up.

Babs agrees, to a certain extent. “She’s very caring to everybody — everybody but to, really, me she doesn’t, but —”

“Oh my god,” Jenelle laments out loud.

“You don’t,” says Babs. “You break my heart all the time.”

After this Babs pitches the idea of taking Jace to Asheville to Christmas to see Jenelle’s older brother. Obviously, Jenelle is none too pleased with the idea and inside voices are threatened.

“Adam’s problematic post”

Chelsea is back with her gal pal Britnee, to whom she showed the nude photo of Adam Lind in last week’s episode. Once again, the conversation turns to Adam and an inappropriate picture. “Dude!” Chelsea exclaims as she scrolls on her phone. “Is it just me, or is this post Adam just made extremely inappropriate? I mean, Adam is posting pictures of Aubree in the bath tub,” she says as she hands her phone to Britnee.

“Why would he put that on there?” asks Britnee, with yet another amazing facial reaction.

“Well, I don’t know. Do you think I’m being crazy?” asks Chelsea.

“I mean, I feel like she’s too old for that, because there’s creepy people.”

Chelsea then sends this text to Adam:

You need to take that post down of Aubree. She is six years old, not a baby, and that is beyond inappropriate.


“Kidding me?” Adam replies. “There’s nothing bad about that. WTF?”

Chelsea then fumes with Britnee about Adam still not maturing, then reluctantly admits that her saying something probably makes it less likely now that he will take the photo down.

* I scrolled through Adam’s Instagram and I didn’t see a recent photo of Aubree in the tub, so perhaps Chelsea was wrong?

UPDATE – We spoke with a source close to production about the photo and we’re told MTV had Adam remove it.

“Kailyn breaks it down for Isaac”

“So, I wanted to talk to you about what happened with daddy,” Kail says to pajama baller Isaac. “Did you hear him yelling at mommy?” Isaac nods. “You did? So sometimes, when adults get upset, or whatever —”

“Angry?” Isaac chimes in.

“Angry. They say things that they don’t mean, right?”

“Was he scared?” Isaac asks.

“No, I don’t think he was scared,” Kail says. “I think sometimes people say things that they don’t mean when they’re tired, and cranky, right? Just like you and your brother?”


Isaac crosses his arms and sits back as Kail continues. “I just want you to know that I love you very much, and I know your daddy loves you very much. And I don’t want you to talk to people the way that daddy talked to me. OK? So, what do you think about that?”

Isaac nods. “Mmmm hmm.”

“So we’re good?” Kail asks. “You know I love you?”

Isaac answers with a lunging hug and all is right in the Kailiverse again!

“Leah learns the court decision”

Last week we got to see a very emotional Corey Simms as he received news from his attorney that he had been granted full custody of the twins, Aleeah and Ali. This week we get to see the flip side as Leah gets the bad news from her lawyer.

Leah’s attorney is very professional as she reveals that the custody has flipped from her to Corey. She says the judge’s main concern was that the girls get to school on time — something Leah has had issues following through on in the past.

In the only bit of good news (and even that was only in light of the bigger bad news), the judge gives Leah the OK to take the twins to cheerleading on Thursday evenings, but she will still have to return them to Corey’s the same evening before then getting them over the weekend.

Despite trying very hard not to show it, Leah is obviously choked up about the judge’s ruling. Her attorney reveals she has already filed a motion to reconsider, and she encourages Leah to work with Corey directly.

As a bonus, MTV also shared interview clips with Leah and Corey in which they both talk about the new custody arrangement and how they explained it to their daughters:

You can see all of these preview clips in context when the new episode of Teen Mom 2 airs Monday night at 10/9c on MTV!

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