Barbara Evans not allowing Jenelle’s son Jace near David Eason

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason has already sacrificed so much in order to remain with her controversial husband David Eason. That list includes her job with MTV, numerous friends, business partnerships, and her French bulldog Nugget. Now we can add Jenelle’s rekindled relationship with her mother Barbara as well as time with her son Jace.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Jenelle and Barbara are back on the outs after Barbara informed Jenelle that she would not allow Jace to be near David Eason. “Barbara is still in contact with [the people from MTV] and she said that since Jenelle isn’t leaving David, she can’t allow Jace to go see Jenelle because she knows that will mean Jace will be around David,” The Ashley’s source reveals.

Thankfully, Jace was not present late last month when David Eason brutally beat, then shot and killed their French bulldog Nugget after the dog reportedly snapped at their daughter Ensley. Barbara and Jace were on a cruise together at the time. Barbara posted several photos from their trip, and Jenelle left positive comments on all of them. “Hope u guys have fun,” Jenelle wrote on one photo, which was posted the day after Nugget was shot. At the time of this post, it appears that Jenelle is still following her mom on Instagram.

“She was horrified,” The Ashley’s source says of Barbara’s reaction when she found out about Nugget’s murder.

Barbara is reportedly working with her attorney to put something officially in place to prevent David from being near Jace.

The rift between Jenelle and Barbara is just one of many over the past decade. It comes after the two unexpectedly mended the fence and filmed several cordial scenes together on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2 — including a mother/daughter yoga session and numerous conversations at restaurants and parks.

Jenelle still has an Instagram post up from late March featuring Barbara holding her and David’s daughter Ensley:

“#HappyBirthday Mom!” Jenelle captioned the picture. “Super glad we have reconnected and let’s keep it that way. The kids love you around. ??”

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