VIDEO Nathan Griffith accuses Barbara Evans of getting Jenelle Evans on heroin

Jenelle Evans - Barbara Evans - Teen Mom 2 Fight

We should have known things were too good to be true between Jenelle Evans and mom Barbara Evans in recent episodes. The infamously argumentative pair slid back into their old ways in late July — with Jenelle’s boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, getting in on the action. The blowout is shown in a new Teen Mom 2 sneak peek…

The argument began with an innocent visit from Barbara and Jace while Jenelle was recovering from her appendectomy. Around the same time, Jenelle’s estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, was preparing to get out of jail — which concerned Barbara.

Watch the sneak peek clip or skip below to our synopsis/transcript.

“You better lay low. I wouldn’t be driving around on the main streets of Myrtle Beach… ‘Cuz he knows that car,” Barbara advised Jenelle. “Remember last time he tried to run you off the road. Nathan, you better not drive her car. If he tries to run you off the road and you get in an accident, she’s gonna lose her car and her insurance. You understand? Because ever car she gets, the boyfriend wreck it.”

With the implication he’s just another one of Jenelle’s boyfriends, Nathan got defensive, saying, “Yeah, because I’m a horrible guy like that, right Barbara?”

Nathan then got out check stubs to show Barbara he isn’t just a “pretty boy” who’s mooching off her daughter. (The context wasn’t clear, but it’s obvious that was a tense subject between Barbara, Jenelle and Nathan.)

Then Jenelle chimed in to say she wasn’t in the mood for another fight: “Oh my god, Mom. You’re not going to argue about every little thing… I’m laying in bed because I just got a surgery done. So either you can be positive or you can get out of my house.”

Barbara shot back, “I drove all this way and I’m leaving again. Goodbye. What a waste of my time! Two g**d**n hours I come up here.”

That’s when Nathan really got fired up, saying to Babs, “Don’t use that word in my house.”

Demonstrating her vocabulary includes more than one curse word option, Barbara yelled, “Don’t bulls**t me!”

“Ok, leave please,” Nathan said.

“You know what? F**k you,” Barbara screamed back.

Barbara Evans Yelling at Nathan Griffith Teen Mom 2

Nathan said, “That’s great. That’s great. Way to raise her child and teach him those words.”

With Jace still in earshot, Barbara said to Nathan, “I’m talking to you. I’m not talking to the baby.”

“You don’t think he hears that? You’re a great parent,” Nathan said while slapping his hands together. “You got your daughter on heroin. Good job, Barbara.”

Barbara yelled back, “I didn’t put a needle in her arm.”

“It’s called parenting,” said Nathan, who has a daughter of his own. “If you kept a short lease on her and knew what she was doing…”

“A short lease? Don’t tell me about ever raising my kids because I was a single mom,” Barbara said — ending the clip.

Catch the full scene during Teen Mom 2 on MTV this Tuesday at 10/9c.

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